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Emotions, nourishment & your skin

Emotions, nourishment & your skin

**Written in conjunction with Connie & Krystle - founders and formulators of Life HQ Wellness**

We’ve known for a very long time that gut health is crucial when it comes to overall physical health – that’s fact. However, what we also need to consider is where our emotions come in to play. Emotions are shown in all experiences in life, good and bad, and both are stored within the body and, on our face!

As gut integrity is the basis for our health, clearing the negative emotional trauma in our lives is also as important for health as these are stored in different organs in the body and present with different symptoms during times in our life. Former Chiropractor and Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Krystle Gourvelos and her mum, a Dermal Clinician with 45 years clinical experience discovered very quickly in practice that emotions are the roost-ruler of the body.

“You can eat as healthy and clean and take all the supplements to help and calm your gut and improve the microbiome of the body overall, but if you’re not clearing the conditioning and trauma in your life, your skin (and body) will show this."

For the longest time, we have attributed acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sensitivity and irritation to the natural expectations of a certain age, something we’re using on our skin or eating and whilst this is true, what underpins all of this is inflammation that’s present in the body in some capacity. In practice, often Connie and Krystle would find that you could change the product and the diet, and get some improvement, but the real change came when the emotional baggage was cleared in combination with the right nourishing products and some lifestyle tweaks that supported the mental health component as well.

Current media and marketing would have you believe that the magic cure lives in a bottle, no. The magic cure doesn’t exist and life is a series of ‘live, experience, grow, rest, repeat’. The cure lives in the support you have for the life you want to lead. 

Want to feel confident everyday in your skins appearance? Use products that nourish with REAL ingredients. Fact: if particular Vitamins are listed in your products, they are synthetic (not naturally occurring) and you will struggle to get them to penetrate your skin to NOURISH the cells. When you nourish the skin cells, they have natural protective factors that work in your favour (less acne, balanced microbiome, less lines, less sensitivity).

Want to feel confident everyday in your mental health? Use products that naturally support the state you want to be in. For example, lime essential oil assists in uplifting your mood and decreasing anxiety, whilst Bergamot is great for stress-reduction. However you use these supports is up to you, but to include them in anyway is your first step!

Both Connie and Krystle believe that over the years we’ve over complicated the idea of good, healthy skin and a solid, balance mindset. Peel it back, make it simple and make it part of who you are.  


Life HQ Wellness founders, Connie & Krystle, have experienced & seen first hand how life can get us down, but with simple rituals that they've created and used themselves, it is possible to feel grounded, confident and strong every day using clean & effective plant based products that are nourishing and protective.

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