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Oil Cleansing Method for Clear Radiant Skin...

Oil Cleansing Method for Clear Radiant Skin...

Cleansing your skin is the foundation of any skincare routine. That’s why it is so important to find a cleanser that works, leaving your skin soft and supple, without that tight feeling on your skin after use.

If you are wanting clear, radiant skin, it’s time to try the oil cleansing method! This gentle and natural method of cleansing is all you need to remove makeup and the daily build up of dirt and grime on the skin, without stripping it of its wonderful natural oils that work to protect the skin. 

Countless fans of the oil cleansing method have encountered a long term better, brighter and clearer complexion. This is one of skincare’s best kept secrets and it’s time that we make more skin-lovers aware of this simple goodness! 

How to use:
Pump 2 drops of oil into your palm and add 2 drops of water. Mix into an emulsion, apply on your face and massage the oil into your skin. You may leave it on for 2 minutes for the oil to dissolve dirt and impurities. Then dampen a cotton pad with water and gently remove makeup/dirt from your face. Repeat until all makeup/dirt is removed.

We like to use an organic cotton face cloth to do the final work and it also feels super calming. Run some hot water over the face cloth and remove excess water. Put the warm face cloth over your face to give yourself a mini face spa. This will open up your pores and further remove dirt and grime. Wipe your face gently with it, removing all excess oil.

Your face should be feeling soft, supple and clean, and even looking radiant immediately, we kid you not!

Be Patient...
With any changes to your skincare routine, you will need to be patient as there is no “miracle” fix that makes perfect skin in 2 days. As with all skincare, it is through the consistent use of the product that gradual results can be noticed.

If you experience a slight breakout, this is normal during the first week until your skin adjusts to the new routine. The minor breakout may also be due to a purging process that removes toxins from the skin. So give it a fair go, two weeks and up to one month, depending on your condition.

How does it work?
It works on the principle of like dissolves like, so oil dissolves oil, removing the dirt and grime from your skin like nothing else.


Thank you to Wei Tham, Founder of Coast Sydney Botanicals for sharing these tips with us!

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