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One Of The (Many) Reasons I started Retreat Yourself...

One Of The (Many) Reasons I started Retreat Yourself...

Hey people,

I'm Kate :) I’m the owner of Retreat Yourself. I’m also a self-confessed mess maker, clumsy adventurer and passport stamp collector.

Today I was going through my photos to try and find a nice shot of me for an upcoming media release and I stumbled across this cracker (an awkward photoshoot + a serious case of the giggles is the perfect recipe for a great photo) It made me laugh and reflect on things at the same time.

I’m someone that does something ‘silly’ on the daily (seriously though…). Like, putting two wrong shoes on in the morning, locking myself out of the house in the rain, or tripping over my own feet in front of a crowded café. Yep, you can say it – #awkward AF! Most of the time, I laugh at myself (I suppose sometimes it’s the only way to hide the embarrassment..) but every now and again when I’m stressed out and tired, I just get frustrated.

Lately, I’ve been a little more stressed out than usual. We’ve just moved house and have had a hundred million things happening (totally not exaggerating at all… :P ), so my ability to laugh at myself hasn’t come quite as easily. I recognised this on Sunday when I’d worked most of the day and snapped at my boyfriend for asking me what I wanted for dinner (Who does that?!). I was quick to realise that this behaviour was not acceptable, and that I needed to step back and 'practice what I preach'.

SO, I took a Retreat Yourself day on Monday and did nothing but nourishing things for my body and soul.

I meditated, went to the gym, ate loads of fresh fruits and veggies, walked slowly along the beach, journaled, had a beautiful big bath with some cleansing salts, and curled up on the couch with a big cup of tea and some feel-good TV. I took some time to Retreat Myself.

I could’ve ignored my snappy behaviour and kept pushing through, allowing the stress of everyday life get the better of me – but instead I stopped. I reconnected and took some time to refill my cup.

One of the (many) inspirations for starting Retreat Yourself came to me back in 2013 when I found myself working in the corporate world. Being the free spirited traveler that I was (I’d been gallivanting around the world full-time since 2006), this was a big change for me. Putting on heels, suitable corporate attire and showing up to meetings with all sorts of corporate professionals was a completely different world. But, it opened up my eyes in more ways than one.

There were many helpful skills that I learnt from being in the corporate industry and I met some incredible people, however I was soon awoken to the amount of stressed out, overworked and unfulfilled people who were wishing their days away waiting for the next holiday, and ultimately happiness.

I couldn’t understand why people couldn’t just take small steps to reconnect and enjoy their daily lives, instead of burning out, being frustrated and ultimately unhappy – leading them to NEEDING (not just wanting) a ‘vacation’ away from their everyday life.

This whole concept was very strange to me. I mean, life is something that’s happening something right here and now, not something that’s off in the future. It’s not something we can spend time waiting for while our days are wished away.

“People wait all week waiting for Friday, all year waiting for the next holiday, all life waiting for happiness”

Now I understand that many people work full-time jobs, have kids or can’t afford the “luxury” of taking a day off to reconnect with #1 (although, if you ask me – I reckon this should be mandatory in every profession!) – however each and every one of us can find 5 minutes each day to do something we enjoy. Something that refills the cup. It’s not even something you “should” do, it’s necessary. It's not selfish, it's necessary. Self-care is essential to show up as the best version of you.

I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis too. Although this is my brand and it's what I truly believe in, I am in no way perfect. And sure, I have many days where I'm stressed out and overworked and feeling a little flat (I am human, after all). However I continually bring myself back to my fundamental belief that life is to be enjoyed, and assuring that all of my decisions and actions come a place of love for both myself and the world around me. There are days where I devour a block of chocolate, and other days where I just eat fruit and veggies. There are mornings where I go to the gym, and other days where I allow myself to sleep in. And that's OK. I too, am on the journey to wellness - and that is exactly what it is. A constant journey of finding balance physically, emotionally and mentally, so that I have the energy to prance around in this wild, wild world. And at the absolute core of it all - so that I am happy and can help others be happy too.

So, Retreat Yourself was created, to remind people like you and me to just CHILL. To take a moment to enjoy the simple things. To prioritize holistic health - not obsessing about the amount of calories you've consumed, but the abundance of fruits and veggies that cover your plate. It was created to deliver a slice of retreat to your door, to remind you to slow down and reconnect with #1. So that you can actually enjoy your life in between your holidays. It was created to help you fill your cup so your loved ones can benefit from the overflow. (You simply cannot serve from an empty vessel).

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering what happened after my retreat day... ;) I'm back to my usual cheerful self and am laughing at myself again. It's amazing what some 'me-time' can do. In fact, sometimes I'm actually grateful for those not so peachy times as they work to realign me with what's truly important in my life (I'm not sure my boyfriend would agree... ;) )

I hope that at the very least, you walk away from reading this article and reflect on where you’re at. If you're not giving yourself the love and attention you deserve, that's totally OK, because tomorrow is a new day.

Pour yourself a big cup of tea and remember that you are worth every minute you spend on you.

Big love & hugs.

Kate  xxx


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