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Our 9 Gym Bag Essentials

Our 9 Gym Bag Essentials

Have you ever arrived at the gym or to a yoga class only to realise you've left something pretty important at home?

Yeah us too!

There's nothing worse than getting ready in the change room to realise you've left your runners at home. 

So to make sure this never happens to again, we're going to share with you our gym bag essentials so you can always feel confident knowing you've got everything in the bag. 

1. Runners

Some might say this is the most important tool to remember when going to the gym and we happen to agree! Whether you're planning on doing cardio, weightlifting or boxing, make sure your runners are the first thing you pack in your bag. 

2. Drink bottle

It's important to stay hydrated when you're planning to get your sweat on, so we always have a reusable drink bottle in our gym bag, it's a must!

3. Head phones

If you're heading to the gym on your own, one of the best ways to get in the zone is to listen to your favourite music. It's also a great excuse to catch up on the latest podcast because multi-tasking is the way to go ;) 

4. Deodorant 

A very important one to keep you feeling fresh while you're getting your sweat on, we love using a natural deodorant when we're working out so there's always one in our bag.

5. Socks

Always leave a spare pair of fresh socks in your gym bag, especially as it starts to get warmer, there's nothing worse than rocking up to the gym wearing your sandals to then realise you're going to have to go bare foot in your runners. 

6. Gym towel

There's no need to wipe away any sweat on your clothes when you've got your gym towel with you. It's also great to wipe down any equipment you use making it far more environmentally friendly than the paper towel option. 

7. Hair tie

Have a few spare hair ties in the bag because there's nothing more annoying than having your hair in your face when you're trying to do a pushup! 

8. Face Wipes

An organic face wipe or reusable face cloth is perfect to leave you feeling refreshed.  

9. Fitcover makeup

Sometimes the most daunting thing about working out can be our skin. If you find yourself making up excuses to skip a workout because you're thinking, "I know that wearing makeup wouldn't be helping my skin," or "I'm too self-conscious to go to train with no makeup on," well we've got the perfect solution for you.

Fitcover is makeup for the active woman.

Their range is free from nasty chemicals, because they take the health of our skin very seriously and the range not only gives your skin a natural coverage without clogging and caking up your pores, but it's also sweat proof! That's right you read right, SWEAT PROOF!

So no matter how hard you work out, you can feel confident in your skin.

To learn more about the Fitcover makeup range head to their website:


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