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Our Top 3 Tips to Combat the Back to Work Blues

Our Top 3 Tips to Combat the Back to Work Blues

If you’re anything like us, getting back into the swing of things in the New Year is anything BUT easy. The sun is still shining bright, the days are warm and everybody is outside. It’s not uncommon to feel the dreaded FOMO start kicking in, wishing you were lazing at the beach with everyone else instead of being stuck behind a desk!

Here are our top 3 tips to feel as though you’re still enjoying the summer holiday vibe whilst still having to go to work!

 1. Get outside before or after work

Summer days are long, meaning more time to get outside! It’s a proven fact that getting outside first thing in the morning is not only great for your body, but does wonders for your mental state too. Even just a quick 20-minute walk in the morning with a stop at your favourite coffee shop. Taking things slow in the morning and relaxing into the day is a sure way to set up for an awesome day!

After work – grab your towel and head to the beach! The sun is shining, so why shouldn’t you be enjoying it? The outdoor BBQ’s along the beach side is a fun way to hang out with your friends and eat a healthy meal too. Get out there and enjoy it!

2. Make work days FUN

Now this might not make sense, but it really is within your power to choose how much you enjoy your day at work. Wear something bright and funky for once, or take a fruit salad with mango, pineapple and all sorts of other tropical goodness for lunch. Chat with your colleagues about things that you love and make sure to get outside on your lunch break in a nearby park! Even if your job is a little mundane, your attitude towards it doesn’t have to be! And if this doesn’t work, maybe you should think about changing jobs ;)

3. Take time out for YOU

So many people think that being back at work means working hard during the week and then doing as much as possible at the weekends to “make the most of it”. Are you one of those people? Take some time out of each day to really relax and unwind, and nourish your body. Have a bath, go for a long walk outside, do some journaling or have a pamper night with the girls. When you slow down and recharge your batteries, you will feel as though your whole life is enjoyable and will no longer have to wait for the weekend to enjoy life!


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