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Our love letter to women.

Our love letter to women.

She believed she could, so she did.

It’s an impactful quote — one that has entered our societal mindset from every direction — and for good reason.

For so long through our history, women were told we can’t do it. We shouldn’t, and we won’t. Opportunities were foregone, passions were redirected, and activism was shut down. That may seem like it’s part of our long-gone history, but it’s not so far in the past as it might seem.

It was only so recent as 1943 that the first women were elected to Australia’s federal parliament. In recent years, significant changes are still occurring. It was 2019 when men and women were, for the first time, equally represented in the Australian senate — a milestone that has not yet been reached in the House of Representatives. 

The point is: it’s clear that women have been facing obstacles through centuries of human history, and its effects still run rampant today. 

But we believe we can… and we do. 

Every decade, every year, and every day, women are bursting head-first through societal expectations and smashing glass ceilings of all kinds. We forge our own paths, we’re headstrong against obstacles, and we create new ways of living that speak to our feminine souls. We’re fiercely brave and undeniably unstoppable. 

On this International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to reflect and celebrate the boundless achievements that women have reached — and the magic that is sure to come in the years ahead. We’re changing the world to fit us, rather than changing ourselves to fit the world, and we are unbelievably powerful as we do it.

On an individual level, we believe there is boundless truth to the phrase: if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. As we honour the accomplishments of women around the world, we encourage you to find your own personal sense of empowerment in this day — because you are just as special, capable and courageous as the women who came before you. 

You have the power to shape the life you want to live, and you have the bravery to stand tall in front of anyone who tries to tear you down.

International Women’s Day is a beautiful day for setting our sights high, as we gain inspiration from the successes of women before us, and pause to reflect on the shifts and changes we’d like to see for ourselves.

As our friends and sisters accomplish what they set out to do, take pride in lifting them up and cheering them on, encouraging them to reach heights never seen before — and they’ll be by your side as you do the same, surpassing your goals and building the life you imagine.

We can’t wait to see what you achieve. 

Yours in sisterhood, 

Retreat Yourself x


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