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Rituals to keep you healthy this festive season

Rituals to keep you healthy this festive season

Silly season is upon us, and it feels so good!

It’s that time of year where, collectively, we take a pause from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We put our activities on hold, our email on out-of-office reply, and our schedule on empty. There’s no pressure to jump back into the daily rush, because we’re all kicking back and relaxing at the exact. same. time. Heavenly, right?

It’s a well-deserved break after another busy year. Twelve months complete, chapter closed, goals achieved.

As you take a luxurious break from your diary, to-do list and everyday routines, consider which of your rituals should stay. These rituals will support you through the silly season by prioritising your wellbeing, so you can ring in the new year with a super-refreshed glow — but you may want to tweak them a bit as you delight in the festivities. 

Food rituals: The holiday season is the time to indulge, so don’t feel guilty if you step away from your regular food routine. As you sip champagne and celebrate with seafood, try to keep mindfulness as the goal. Enjoy with intention, and balance it out with feel-good superfoods. 

Relaxation rituals: You might have shut down your computer, but the hectic days are still so real. Your social calendar kicks itself up a notch during the season of celebration, so remember to find balance through the busy. Carve out time for slow-paced pauses, and catch up on your rest and relaxation before the new year hits.

Self care rituals: SPF has never been so important! Indulge in extra minutes of self-care time each activity-free morning, and dive into your favourite skincare, exfoliators and luxuriously indulgent body care. If you’re seeking a new ritual, the Retreat Yourself box can help.

Fitness rituals: Will you stick to your weekly gym routine, or shake it up with beach strolls and ocean laps? The choice is yours, but planning before the season hits will help you stick to the rituals you value most.

Self love rituals: If you don’t have a self love ritual, summertime is the season to start. Build in a daily affirmation that supports you where you need it: whether it’s boosting your body confidence, inspiring your social skills, or promising yourself you deserve this time to relax. Summer is about feeling good, so lean on the rituals that empower you.

Enjoy getting silly!

Retreat Yourself team x

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