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Skincare for the scalp - your 'how-to' for healthy hair

Skincare for the scalp - your 'how-to' for healthy hair

**By special guests, Grow Haircare**

Many of you won't think of your scalp as an area of the body that needs to be ‘maintained’, but did you know that the root of most hair issues usually begins at scalp level? 

Yes, you read that right. 

In fact, a neglected scalp can lead to hair loss and an array of issues with your hair (hello dandruff, dry scalp, or the dreaded oil slick). 

Below, Grow Haircare’s Expert Stylist Tiarne April, from Chumba Concept Salon, details how to properly care for your scalp so you can reveal your best hair yet.

Get to know your scalp

Take some time to really look at your scalp and figure out what is going on.

Ask yourself some questions like, “is it looking dry?”, “is there product build-up?” and so on, to understand what you’re working with.

Then, monitor it over a few days to see how your daily activities might be affecting your scalp.

Which brings us to the next point!

Learn how your lifestyle might be affecting your scalp

Are you a regular gym junkie or surfie gal? Do you spend a lot of time in the sun?

Well, all of these things can have an impact on your scalp health. Depending on your lifestyle habits, your scalp might require more attention than other people. 

For example, swimming in salt water regularly can dehydrate your skin, including the skin on your scalp. That means you would need to make up for lost moisture, both externally and internally (with water and nutrition). Or if you’re constantly at the gym it’s likely you’re sweating more than the average person and therefore your scalp would require a deeper clean. Excess sebum, dirt and sweat can all clog the hair follicles which can have an on-flow effect on your hair. 

Using products like a scalp scrub can eradicate these issues, but more on that later!

Use gentle haircare products

Try to be mindful of the haircare products you use on your hair, avoiding products containing harsh ingredients which might irritate the scalp or strip it of its moisture. 

Invest in a range that features natural ingredients like Grow’s Thicker Fuller range of everyday use haircare products that strengthen and moisturise hair without all the nasties. Enriched with the highest quality ingredients, these products will help to add volume and substance to each strand of hair, whilst moisturising the hair from within and repairing the appearance of damaged hair.

Invest in a scalp scrub

Most of you will have likely tried a plethora of products in the never-ending pursuit of dream hair; however, a scalp scrub may not be one of them.

Touted as ‘exfoliation for the scalp’, a scalp scrub could be the thing that’s missing in your haircare routine. After all, exfoliation can be the key to a luminous complexion, so you best believe that it can lead to luminous hair! 

A scalp scrub is basically a formulation of exfoliating ingredients that prove the power of exfoliation isn’t just limited to your face. Typically containing ingredients to deeply cleanse and nourish, scalp scrubs are the next best thing in hair care. 

As the demand increases for healthy, shiny and manageable hair, scalp scrubs can give you that salon experience at home. Allowing for a deep exfoliation of the scalp, it will remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and product build-up to allow your natural oils to keep the hair and scalp nourished and healthy. 

Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub detoxes, refreshes and restores balance to the scalp, making way for fuller, shinier and healthier hair. What’s more, its formulation can help with hair thinning and shedding, by helping to unclog hair follicles. 

Many people don’t realise that over time the build-up of products, residue and sebum can clog our hair follicles, which can lead to hair thinning. This happens because hair follicles typically have two or more hairs growing from them, but if they become clogged, this can result in less hairs being able to grow through. 

Healthy hair should always start with the scalp, so ensure your scalp scrub will work hard to lift away impurities and remove product build-up, which can keep your hair follicles clear.

Do a scalp maintenance day once a week

Ideally your routine should include one day a week that puts some time and effort into your scalp. Invest in a scalp scrub and get to work by gently massaging it into the scalp. This can further stimulate blood circulation, delivering oxygen to your scalp and encouraging hair growth. 

Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub contains natural sea salt and peppermint oil which has anti-inflammatory properties that can be known to relieve irritation of the scalp. Upon application, users of Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub can expect a light tingle to the scalp which simply means that the product is working on stimulating blood circulation – better for encouraging hair growth! 

The peppermint oil is also great at absorbing excess oil which can be the culprit of clogging hair follicles. Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub will also deeply exfoliate the scalp to remove product build-up, dead skin cells, and any residue like air pollution which also has the potential to cause hair loss. 

The best bit about Grow’s Scalp Scrub is that it doesn’t require shampoo afterward, making it an easy step to add to your haircare routine.


Grow Haircare believes that everyone deserves healthier, happier hair! That’s their end game, in a nutshell. And in order to realise this, Grow Haircare have spent some time rethinking hair care. That’s how they came up with their everyday range of shampoos, conditioners and treatment products formulated to help you combat hair thinning and fragile hair, and instead relish in longer, stronger and thicker, fuller hair. Let’s Grow better together.

Grow Haircare’s Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub features in our spring ‘Embrace’ retreat. To shop Grow Haircare products, visit their key stockists - Woolworths, Coles & Priceline.


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