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The Benefits of Bamboo Bedding and Clothing with Ettitude

The Benefits of Bamboo Bedding and Clothing with Ettitude

Today, special guests Ettitude (who were one of our amazing Autumn Box brand partners), are here to tell us a little more about bamboo bedding.

Bamboo is something that is gaining a little more notoriety in recent years, but not many of us know about how incredibly soft and versatile the material is, and more importantly, how sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo bedding is. 

Ettitude shared this piece with us earlier in the season, and we thought we'd also share it on our blog as holistic health is not about what you put on your skin or put in your body, it's also about the products and materials you use around your home and your contribution to caring for the environment.


Bamboo bedding and clothing have many advantages over cotton. Many consumers would never know the difference between the materials unless they were reading the tags. This is because bamboo looks and feels similar to cotton, but it is very different. It can offer many things that cotton, and most other textiles, cannot.

  • Bamboo is completely eco-friendly and is often praised as the most natural, green and eco-friendly material of the 21st century. It is a renewable resource that grows quickly without pesticides or chemical additives. In fact, in many places bamboo is considered a weed. It grows so fast that it can be harvested once every three years.
  • The bamboo material is very soft once it is spun. Many compare its softness to silk or cashmere. Who knew that a wood used to make flooring could be so soft?
  • Natural bamboo is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It resists mould, mildew and odour. These properties make it great for people with sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo is very absorbent. It will wick moisture away from the body while providing adequate ventilation that is much better than cotton. It will keep you cool in warm weather, but warm in cool weather.
  • Bamboo reflects the sun’s UV rays. This makes bamboo clothing safe to wear out in the sun. Up to 94% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays are reflected by the fibers.
  • Bamboo fiber is very durable and odour resistant. It will last a long time with repeated washes and can go longer between washes.

Bamboo offers many advantages over cotton and other types of clothing and bedding material. When given the choice, bamboo is more cost-effective, eco-friendly and will last a lot longer than cotton. 

And to top it off, Ettitude’s organic bamboo lyocell fabric - an evolved version of traditional bamboo which minimizes waste by reusing and recycling water - is like nothing you have ever felt before.


You can check out Ettitude's range of bamboo bedding, sleepwear and accessories on their website: They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RETREATYOU for 20% off online until 31/05/2020 (one use per customer).


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