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The people & stories behind the 'Embrace' retreat brands

The people & stories behind the 'Embrace' retreat brands

It is SO important to all of us here at Retreat Yourself to support and celebrate local Australian and NZ brands who are doing ‘good’, and we know it is also super important to all of you - our beautiful RY community.

Behind the scenes of each of these brands are wonderful, caring and compassionate people - just like you and I - who have put their blood, sweat and tears into creating beautiful products that help you to feel good in your everyday life. 

These people and the brands they’ve created always have a vision aligned with ours, of improving the lives of all of us in one way or another - whether that be through sustainability, high quality ingredients, removing nasties from their products, or creating products and services that will better your life.

We are so lucky to see so much of the behind-the-scenes of each of these brands through what we do, and us sharing a very tiny snippet of each brand’s story allows us to take you on a small part of the journey we’ve had in getting to know these brands and the people behind them. 

And most importantly, it helps you to understand exactly who is behind the beautiful products in our boxes to support you in also getting to know them. 

We hope you enjoy!

Kate, Kristy & the Retreat Yourself team x


Koala Eco

Koala Eco was founded by Jessica & Paul in 2017 and they've absolutely made a name for themselves ever since.

Koala Eco's truly safe and eco-friendly products are created to be used around the home, and are incredibly effective. Their entire product range is Australian owned and made, their ingredients are plant based, and no new plastic is created in their packaging (their bottles are recycled and recyclable).

Plus, their products smell absolutely incredible - they use aromatherapy grade essential oils in all of their products. 

We are and always will be HUGE fans of the Koala Eco brand here at RY - in our opinion, they are in a league of their own.

Learn more about Koala Eco here


For Sunday People

For Sunday People is a small 100% Australian made and owned brand founded by the incredible Dayne, who is an absolute guru when it comes to the skin, stemming from his background as a nutritionist, and a gut health & skincare buff.

While they appear relatively new, For Sunday People have been years in the making and are backed by years of experience in skincare formulation (including having a superstar team of leading Australian chemists that sit behind the scenes creating their products).

For Sunday People products are made with the most effective percentages of active ingredients, whilst still remaining safe, non-toxic, clean, eco-conscious and super nourishing. 

We are lucky to be privy to what's happening behind the scenes at For Sunday People, thanks to the incredibly kind and generous Dayne, and we suggest you keep your eyes out for some VERY exciting product releases in the next few months! 

Learn more about For Sunday People here


11 Pearls by Unichi

11 Pearls was created by the Unichi team, who have formulated the most incredible range of body, skin & gut health products in both topical & ingestible form.

Unichi are so passionate about helping modern women see their value and express their unique, authentic self - this mission is SO important to them and we've seen this come through in every conversation we've had with them. 

It's also worth mentioning that the Unichi team's collagen gummies and probiotic gummies are the best we've ever tried!

Learn more about Unichi & 11 Pearls here


Empire Australia

Empire Australia was created 10 years ago by two very passionate people who have a huge amount of experience in the Australian bath & body industry. They live in (and love!) Melbourne, so they are locals to so many of you!

It is super important to the Empire team to buy their packaging from local suppliers, have their labels printed in Australia, and they formulate and make their large range of products in their Melbourne laboratory.

They are passionate about creating beautiful products that feel luxurious to use, yet only use essential oils to fragrance them - rather than artificial fragrances. 

We LOVE Empire Australia's ‘Therapeutic’ Body Scrub and have had the chance to try all 3 scents that come in the 'Embrace' retreat, and each of them are just as beautiful as the next! (plus, they are all natural, vegan, cruelty free and all the good things!)

Learn more about Empire Australia here


Grow Haircare

We love the Grow Haircare team! Really simply, they believe that everyone deserves healthier, happier hair, and it's important to them that they create products that are really accessible yet really effective.

They have a special focus on formulating their products to support stronger and fuller hair, and the Scalp Scrub in the 'Embrace' retreat is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, artificial fragrance free and also silicone free.

The Grow team are Melbourne based - so just down the road from RY HQ :) 

And, a little birdie has told us that there may be some very exciting things coming from the Grow team next year!

Learn more about Grow Haircare here


Mindful Foods

Mindful Foods is one of the most sustainable and soul nourishing brands we think you're going to find here in Australia.

Georgie & James founded Mindful Foods in Byron Bay, and they really do place people and the planet at the forefront of absolutely everything they do. The loyal following that has supported them since 2016 has helped them continue to fulfil their commitment of using Australian grown ingredients, certified organic produce and plastic-free, zero waste packaging.

And their product range (which is all in glass jars or compostable bags) is SO delicious - think flavoured and activated nut mixes and brain fuelling cacao granolas, as well as pantry staples.

We here at RY LOVE the Mindful Foods Teriyaki 'Munchies' as well as the 'Cacao Brain Power' granola - so yum and SO nutritious.

Learn more about Mindful Foods here


Well Naturally

We got to know the Well Naturally brand many years back, and since then their product range has grown to include so many really delicious, better-for-you products that are so easy to find on your supermarket shelves.

Well Naturally are Australian, and they want to help all of us to make healthier choices through all of their products.

Their products are all made in Australia, are made with premium ingredients and are sweetened naturally - so there is no sugar added. 

Those of you who have been around since our early days might remember Well Naturally's 'Sweet Raspberry' chocolate bars appearing in one of our boxes many, many years ago - weren't they delicious!

Learn more about Well Naturally here



KOJA was founded by Melbournian, Kate Johansson - Kate has been a great friend of ours for many years.

Kate created KOJA as she was tired of seeing so many processed foods pop up on the shelf and marketed as 'healthy', yet contained a heap of unnecessary ingredients that just didn't need to be there.

Kate truly believes that real, unprocessed and plant-based foods are best, and she has since created three delicious yet healthy snack bar ranges that we've made our way through many times over! 

Our team fave is the KOJA Choc Chip Oat Bar, followed very closely by the Cacao. We have lost count of how many trips to Coles or Woolies we've made to get our hands on them! 

Learn more about KOJA here


Natures Commonscents

Natures Commonscents was born over 25 years ago, and was actually started when two friends decided to create a natural bath product for bathing their families, using a hero ingredient - goat's milk!

The Natures Commonscents team now put a lot of time and thought into developing innovative products to offer us all a natural and better for you alternative to common ingredients, but that actually work.

They very strongly believe that what they don't put in their products is just as important as what they do, and we've loved trying their new range that includes the beautiful Foot Balms that you find in our 'Embrace' retreat. 

And a tip from us - their nourishing Foot Balms have the most beautiful aroma which is great to inhale while doing some deep breathing!  

Learn more about Natures Commonscents here



We've had some great conversations with Beforeyouspeak over the past couple of years, and put simply, they are on a mission to help people get more out of each day through the simple switch of your daily coffee.

They've created a range of all-natural coffees and decafs that have added vitamins, minerals and superfoods, essentially creating a power-packed coffee that you receive in powdered form so that it's super convenient to make at home (just add hot water or your choice of milk).

The coffee itself is also delicious!

Our Retreat Yourself team favourite is Beforeyouspeak's Performance blend (there are quite a few RY kids running around the scenes here at RY HQ, so we are ALL about finding ways to support energy & brain function!).

Learn more about Beforeyouspeak here


From all of us here at Retreat Yourself, thank you so much for helping us to support each of these incredible brands x

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