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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

Want to peek inside our 'Me-Time Lucky Dip' Mystery Box?

Want to peek inside our 'Me-Time Lucky Dip' Mystery Box?

What a wonderful time of year, summer is nearing, the air is heating up and your Mystery Boxes have arrived! We are finally starting to see the other side of some of the challenges this year has thrown us and this 'Me-Time Lucky Dip' Mystery Box is all about readying yourself for the busy months ahead. 

Summer is full of celebration and excitement, so making sure your cup is full before all the activity kicks off is so important to ensure you are able to look after yourself through the busy festive period.  

The gorgeous Australian and New Zealand brands featured in this Mystery Box have been paired with a step by step Retreat Plan based on our 10 pillars of wellness to help guide the perfect at home experience.

So off you go, scroll on down and meet our Mystery Box brands!

Please note: our Mystery Boxes include a variation of the below products and no box included ALL products. 

99th Monkey

99th Monkey - Almond Cacao Butter

What: A deliciously decadent blend of cacao and almond, making it the perfect indulgence without the guilt. Think dark chocolate scorched almonds in spread form.

How: Best served by the spoonful, on toast or in your favourite recipes. A great dessert indulgence, breakfast spread or snack option with just 4 ingredients!

Why: 99th Monkey nut butters contain minimal ingredients with only the best produce used. Almonds are a great source of magnesium, protein and fibre, and this blend of almond and cacao provides the body with a range of nutrients that will help fuel and keep you fuller for longer! 

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ChamonixRain Organics - Coconut Konjac Sponge

What: The ChamonixRain Organics Coconut Konjac Sponge is an Australian First product made from the root of the Konjac vegetable, with the added skin nourishing benefits of Coconut Powder. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this all-natural sponge will gently cleanse and exfoliate your face and body to reveal silky smooth skin.

How: Gentle enough for daily use all skin types and ages including babies, these 100% natural sponges can be used either on their own with water or together with your favourite natural body wash to help create a luxurious lather. Lightly massage the hydrated sponge over your skin in a circular motion to gently cleanse and exfoliate your face and body

Why: Thanks to their soft texture and unique cleansing abilities, the Coconut Konjac Sponge will gently cleanse and exfoliate your face and body as it helps to unblock your pores by removing excess dirt, oil and dead skin cells which build up over time.  Revealing smoother, clearer and more hydrated skin.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 20% off entire collection of Natural Coconut Skincare and Konjac Sponges until 28/01/21 


Eco Seed to Skin by Saarinen - Organics Night Intensive Face Cream

What: Our Eco, Sustainable Night cream is formulated to match our natural youthful Sebum oil using natural derived oils consisting of Vitamin E, Certified organic oils of Macadamia nut, Olive oil & Jojoba oil. Blended also with our own Certified organic Herbs of Nettle, Calendula and Chamomile. Also healing Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, local low heated honey & Lavender essential oil. 

How: With the depletion of sebum oil as we age, it is imperative to remove your dead skin cells to allow your night cream to soak in. After your skin is clean, moisturise with our nourishing night cream, try not to rub it in, instead allow your pores to soak it in. In the morning if you need a little more moisture for mature skin, pop a little more night cream on.

Why: Research shows that as we age our natural sebum oil is depleted substantially, taking a significant dive from 40 onwards. Non cosmetic company research has broken sebum oil down and found the components that make it up. We have taken that research and found in the natural world that best represents those compounds and formulated our night cream with them.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 10% off Eco Mature Skin Bundle

Edible Gratitude

Edible Gratitude - Sacred Ritual Balance Blend, Vital Force Energy Blend, Inner Peace Digestive Blend

What: Superfood blends designed to connect the user with body, mind and soul and help bring gratitude into their day.

How: Add 1-2 teaspoons to smoothies, baked goods, oats or hot & cold drinks.

Why: Eating should be an enjoyable time to be present in the moment. Nourishing the body and mind from the inside out. 

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 10% off online. EXP 28/02/21

Grants Australia

Grants of Australia - Fresh Mint with Fluoride Toothpaste

What: Grants Fresh Mint with Fluoride is Certified Vegan and is Australian-made and owned. It contains no parabens, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no sugar and no sulphates. 

How: Grants of Australia recommends using one small squirt of Fresh Mint with Fluoride toothpaste for daily brushing 2-3 times a day. Some people may prefer to use it just once a day in conjunction with other Grants' toothpaste varieties which are fluoride-free. Not recommended for children aged 6 or less.

Why: Added fluoride helps to fight cavities and prevent tooth decay while tea tree oil works its magic, helping reduce bacteria in the mouth and is beneficial in reducing inflammation caused by gingivitis. It has a cool mint flavour for fresh breath all day. 

Green & Blacks

GREEN & BLACK’S - Organic Milk Chocolate

What: GREEN & BLACK’S Organic Milk Chocolate, enriched with 37% cocoa and organic whole milk, for a cocoa rich milk chocolate taste.

How: The process begins when we take cocoa beans from the ripest pods and leave them to ferment and develop their complex chocolate flavour. After a week, the beans are dried and then roasted ready to be ground into a thick paste, to which the finest sugar is added and other carefully sourced ingredients. The chocolate is refined, stirred for several hours, then tempered to give it a beautiful glossy shine and perfect ‘snap’. The luxurious chocolate is then carefully poured into moulds, ready to indulge in moments of pure chocolate pleasure.

Why: Eating chocolate offers a moment of pure indulgence, but that moment doesn't have to come at the cost of the planet. Green and Blacks are certified Fairtrade and Organic. Meaning it's chocolate that's good for you, good for the people that make it and good for the planet. 

Hart & Soul

Hart & Soul Recipe Bases

What: Meals made deliciously easy, the Hart & Soul recipe bases allow you to create wholesome adventurous dishes in a few simple steps. With 14 flavours to choose from, there is something for everyone to discover. 

How: Delicious and healthy dinners don't have to be complicated - Hart & Soul is here to prove it! ⁠Pick your preferred vegetables and protein, the rest is in the pouch. Real ingredients and no nasties!

Why: Hart & Soul believe that everyone, regardless of their lifestyle should be able to enjoy the same relationship to food. They understand the need for recipes to combine taste with real, nutritional value. That's why all their products are made with real natural ingredients and provide the best source of flavour and experience.

Love Bean Cacao

Love Bean Cacao - Ceremonial-grade Cacao

What: Love Bean Cacao is chocolate as it was originally used. Ceremonial-grade Cacao sourced directly from an indigenous women’s collective in Guatemala. Cacao was and is used as a sacred drink to open our hearts to connect more with our true spirit of love.

How: Love Bean Cacao is prepared as a drink; to be blended with hot water. It invites you to slow down, to bring more ritual and sacred time into your life. You can drink to accompany your morning meditation, download a guided meditation from our website or join for a ceremony.

Why: Cacao is rich in nutrients but the effect of this ceremonial Cacao focuses on our emotional & spiritual life as well. Cacao opens our hearts to gratitude for the simple things in life. Cacao improves focus and stillness and thus our meditation practice. Cacao brings us back home to self.

Love Beauty Foods

Love Beauty Foods - Glow Clay Face Mask

What: Our Glow Face Mask contains an invigorating blend of nutrient-dense ingredients including anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory and bio-available Fermented Organic Turmeric along with powerful age-fighting Organic Schizandra Berry for naturally glowing skin.

How: Place one teaspoon of the face mask blend into a small bowl along with a small amount of water and mix until it becomes a paste, then evenly distribute over your face and neck, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off!

Why: One jar makes up to 10 masks. Non toxic / Vegan / 100% Natural / Organic Ingredients / No Animal Testing. FREE FROM: Synthetic Colours, Preservatives, Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalate, Foaming Agents & Fillers

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 15% off online until 28/01/21

Mad Hatter Teas

Mad Hatter Tea

What: Mad Hatter Tea Co. is the perfect afternoon pick me up, evening relaxation or start to your day. With only the best tea leaves used, each blend is deliciously curated to transport you to your favourite relaxation spot. Mad Hatter Tea co. has the blend for every taste or desire.

How: Don't stop with just a "cup of tea", use Mad Hatter Tea in your recipes, as a summer refreshment on ice or as the perfect mixer for those weekend beverages (if you know what we mean). The perfect addition to your day with the versatility to suit any taste.

Why: Mad Hatter Tea offers blends that can either help you wind down from a hectic work day or perk you up for a busy day of hustling. No matter what your preferred fix is Mad Hatter Tea has you well and truly covered with these delicious tea blends. 

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 15% off and free shipping for first time users until 01/01/21

Mellow Cosmetics

Mellow Cosmetics Lip Gloss

What: Get ready to spice up your lips with our new Lip Gloss Collection.

An ultra glossy non-sticky formula with a unique smooth feel. Can be worn alone or over any lipstick. With the added goodness of vitamin E and Avocado Oil.

St Tropez - The perfect Mauve

Tahiti - A clear gloss with a touch of sparkle

This product is 100% vegan, Paraben Free & cruelty-free!

How: Scrub your lips and apply this gorgeous lip gloss over your lip liner, lipstick or just on it's own for glossy moisturised  lips. Why: The added goodness of Vitamin E and Avocado Oil in this product makes it a must have lip product.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 20% off the entire Mellow range including bundles until 31/01/21


PranaOn - Power Plant Protein

What: PranaOn is an Australian owned company committed to providing plant-based nutrition for health-conscious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Specialising in plant protein and sports supplements, their award-winning range is completely Gluten-Free, Natural, Vegan Friendly, and made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients. From daily greens, protein powders, protein bars, and amino acids, PranaOn has you covered whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or maintain a strong and healthy body.

How: Power Plant Protein powder is delicious in smoothies, stirred through oats, can partly substitute flour in baked sweets and mixed into yoghurt or chia pudding. To make a quick and nutritious snack, simply add 44g into cooked oats, a serve of plain coconut yoghurt or blended with 400-800ml of cold water or plant milk with your choice of fruits such as banana, mango or berries. Enjoy as a light breakfast, snack or to refuel your body post-workout.

Why: Power Plant Protein is a natural protein supplement formulated to optimally fuel the process of muscle repair and growth for active bodies. Crafted with Adaptogenic Reishi Mushroom, Fermented BCAA’s, and Coconut MCT’s to help increase energy and concentration levels, this plant-based protein blend is scientifically formulated to help you achieve your optimum potential! With over 100 million CFU of Lactospore® Probiotics and 50% of your daily intake of naturally occurring Iron and Zinc per serve, your body is getting a balanced combination of protein, minerals, and superfoods in every serve.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 10% off full-priced items online

Pure Body Luxe

Pure Cosmetica, Eco Body Luxe - Body and Face Oil

What: This range is all-natural and made in Australia from a select combination of botanical oils and oil extracts that work together to promote a healthy cellular environment to rejuvenate dermal layers of the skin and provide intense anti-aging hydration, skin rejuvenation and skin brightening. Easily absorbed, lightweight and non-greasy formula that leaves skin smooth and soft with a radiant, healthy glow.

How: This range of body and face oils is to be used like a moisturiser at any time of the day. We recommend for it to be applied on damp skin just after a shower as it absorbs well into the skin, and then pat drying (this also makes the product last longer). It can also be used on dry skin of course, and illuminates the skin for amazing natural glow!

Why: Our products are formulated to promote a healthy cellular environment, lasting hydration and skin nourishment. Using natural and organic ingredients, each product has its own key benefit, however fundamentally works to rejuvenate skin, reduce the appearance of ageing, provide an enhanced look and feel to give your skin the best chance for longevity and maximum health.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for $10 off purchase over $50 until 28/01/20


Sabbia Co - Reusable Makeup Pad

What: The reusable makeup pad is your go-to makeup, zinc, sunscreen and face mask removing pad. Sabbia Co's reusable makeup pad is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to replace single-use pads/wipes/balls. Each reusable pad will last over 200 washes depending on use/care, roughly replacing over 1,000 makeup wipes annually - YES!

How: Step 1: Soak Reusable Makeup Removal Pad in water and remove makeup by gently using a circular motion all over your face, rinse and repeat as many times as necessary. *This product only requires water, no products needed.

Step 2: Once complete rinse with water and natural soap and hang to dry.

After each use hand wash with warm water and natural soap, hang to dry. Sabbia Co recommends to wash weekly with your clothes. Place the pads in a laundry bag to avoid losing them in the wash.

Why: Did you know that 20 million makeup wipes are thrown away every single day? This makes wipes the third most wasteful product in the world. The majority of conventional single-use makeup wipes also contain plastics which is not only bad for your skin, but the environment too! Sabbia Co's solution? Reusable makeup pads! Sabbia Co's reusable makeup pads are made from a unique blend of fibres that are super soft, gentle and EFFECTIVE. Not only are they great for the environment they leave your skin with a deeper clean.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 10% off storewide until 28/02/21

Spring Hill Farm

Springhill Farm: Coconut & Dark Choc Slice 

What: Is your birthstone a cocoa bean? Meet your match with a luscious combination of dark choc, juicy coconut and delectable cocoa, all slathered with dark choc and a sprinkle of fine coconut. Springhill Farm’s Coconut and Dark Choc Twin Pack Slice is perfectly portioned to take you to your happy place.

How: Whether it be over a cuppa, in the middle of a traffic jam, or as a treat after your workout. Steal a moment, sit back, tear open and enjoy your little slice of paradise. Springhill Farm’s Twin Packs are designed for those times when one bite isn’t enough.

Why: Sit back and let Springhill Farm’s slice transport you to your happy place. Our mouth-watering combo of coconut and dark choc pairs perfectly with your calming cuppa or as an indulgent treat after a workout. Vegan and gluten free certified for added peace of mind. Let us complete your time out moment. Welcome to the Springhill Farm family.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY to receive a FREE block of Coconut & Dark Choc Slice with any Pick'n'Mix purchase online until 29/01/20

We Bar None

We Bar None Aztec Wholefoods Bar

What: A delicious zero waste snack bar.  Ellen's favourite flavour - Aztec - choc chilli cinnamon! You've never tried an energy bar like this before. Vegan, gluten free, carbon neutral and wrapped in ABA certified home compostable packaging.Made in Ballarat.

How: This zero waste energy bar uses ground-breaking (see what we did there?) home compostable packaging which can be thrown in your compost bin, or buried in your backyard! Perfect for hiking or cycling, a quick breakfast, a post workout snack, or to keep you focused during your next video meeting.

Why: This bar is seriously filling, and with no added sugar so it won't spike your blood sugar and leave you hangry and unfocused. This bar is for people that need to get stuff done! Delicious, nourishing, high in vitamins and all the good stuff.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 20% off all We Bar None snacks until 31/12/20

Wild Bee

Wild Bee Foaming Facial Cleanser & Moisturising Hand Cream

What: Wild Bee looks to nature for the most powerful, uplifting and nutrient-rich ingredients. Wild Bee is pure, natural skincare designed to nourish, nurture and protect the skin.

How: Foaming Facial Cleanser: Gently massage in a circular motion onto damp skin on both face and neck. Rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid the eye area. Repeat morning and evening for optimal results.

Moisturising Hand Cream: A natural blend of Australian extracts and bee ingredients designed to help repair, revitalise and moisturise your hands to leave them feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. Massage evenly.

Why: Propolis, Royal Jelly, Manuka Honey and Beeswax are some of the most nutrient-rich, healing antioxidants found in nature. Wild Bee's products have been lovingly created to care for your skin. We also go beyond healthy skin! Donating 5% of every sale to Save the Bees Australia, a foundation that protects our precious pollinators.

DISCOUNT CODE: RYMYSTERY for 10% off online until 29/01/2021


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