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What does self care mean to you?

What does self care mean to you?

Have you ever had times in your life where everything just seems to flow? You feel good in your body and mind and things fall into place easily. You can take on the world, no matter what it throws at you?

And have you had days where you couldn’t feel any more the opposite?

We all have.

One of the best ways to call in more days like the first is connection to ourselves and our needs. What is the best way to promote and build deep, unwavering connection to ourselves? Consistency with how we take care of ourselves. That’s right, it all comes down to that buzz word of self-care.

There is a Lalah Delia quote that says "Self-care is how you take your power back” 

We live in a world where the term self-care has become distorted with all sorts of societal judgements and expectations from ourselves and others. For some self-care comes with ideas of indulgence and the unnecessary. For others it comes with relief and an understanding that without taking this time we risk burn-out, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. What self-care looks like is different for everyone. What is self-care to you? 

Whether you consider a trip to the salon, gym, restaurant, massage therapist, bath-tub, veggie patch or beach your personal self-care doesn't matter, what matters is that you know what your self-care needs are and you can recognise if those needs are being met or not. 

Take a moment to consider your physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual needs. How you currently approach them in relation to your self-care. Even better, pull out your journal and write them down. There is no right or wrong answer, you cannot fail at what is uniquely you, but how we practice self-care is directly connected to how we hold ourselves through our journey, and so reflecting can give us a deeper insight into how to meet our needs.

When considering each area consider how it impacts you when you don't get this self-care. What are your markers for when you are approaching overwhelm or burnout? Some find themselves impatient and snappy, others find they go inward and shut off as a way of preserving energy. Knowing these signs is just as important as knowing what you need in order to bring yourself back into balance.

When you find you have lost your inner glow, find yourself struggling or having a day like the second scenario, then turn back to what you have journaled here. Keep it as a self-care manual for yourself to turn to in moments when you can't find the strength or clarity of mind to create a safe container. Add to it when you have moments of strength and clarity. Knowing your needs and acting on them is what gives you back your power. Caring for yourself and knowing you deserve it creates a container of strength for you to thrive and embrace all that you are.


Written by the beautiful Hannah from Aurelia Alchemy, who's Inner Glow Essential Oil was included in our 'Glow' retreat.


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