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Why The Craze of Applying Coffee To Your Skin Is Totally Valid

Why The Craze of Applying Coffee To Your Skin Is Totally Valid

Let’s talk coffee.

To many busy women like ourselves, it’s a magical elixir from above which is used to lure us out of our toasty bed on a cold morning (am I right?!).

No matter how you order it - flat white, cappuccino, espresso - the lure of coffee is undeniable for most.

But did you know you can ramp up your beauty game by introducing this amazing smelling bean into your skin routine?

"Why would I do that", you ask!

Not only does coffee really ramp up our engines when we’re running on empty, but when it’s used in an exfoliator it can work wonders and really enhance that daily glow we all seek in more ways than one.

Here's why applying caffeine topically benefits your skin:

Reason # 1: It helps to reduce puffiness & inflammation by restricting blood vessels.

Reason #2: It is loaded with antioxidants which helps to attack signs of ageing. 

Reason #3: It helps tighten skin, which can in turn reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Finely ground coffee beans are a mild and all natural exfoliant which which will leave you feeling better than any double shot soy latte ever will. Ok, this is a big call, so we'll settle with 'equally as good'!

We recently introduced you all to a coffee scrub when we featured the Bean Body Facial Exfoliant Scrub in our Autumn box, which also leaves you with soothed, nourished and replenished skin thanks to the addition of shea butter and aloe vera. Or, as those of you who have become addicted to it have told us - the 'smoothest skin you've ever had'...

(it also smells like Chico Babies - no word of a lie!)


As for how to use it this amazing smelling face scrub, (please resist the urge to eat...we’re serious!) - it's super easy. After cleansing your skin, wet your face with warm water and a layer of Bean Body. Gently exfoliate using small circular motions, leave on for a couple of mins to soak in all the goodness and then wash off and pat your skin dry. Your skin will be feeling so smooth and soft you’ll be strutting out of the bathroom!

To learn more about the Bean Body and the Facial Exfoliant Scrub click here.


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