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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

You are not alone.

You are not alone.

What if we told you… you never have to be alone?

There is a way to make sure that’s true: by creating a deep, loving relationship with yourself. And it’s the most powerful thing you’ll ever do.

Building a relationship with yourself is intentional and purposeful. It requires awareness, mindfulness, and conscious choices to do so. It starts with daily routines, which turn into rituals held near the heart, which become a life-long dedication to prioritising yourself. 

Growing closer to yourself happens in those five minutes you find to breathe and be still; in those little decisions you make, where you put your wants and needs first; in those times when you choose you. Through each of those moments, you build yourself into the most important person in your life — which is exactly how it should be, because you can’t be there for others without first being there for yourself. 

And you know what the most beautiful part of that relationship is? 

When you have your own back, you will never be truly alone.

As you build this self-relationship, you build self-love. You build the confidence that you can get through anything; you build the connection to yourself and who you are on the inside; and you’ll always have someone who cares about you. Someone who will prioritise you, lift you up, and be there to catch you when you fall.

It’s you.

Which can be scary at first. Whether you typically rely on someone to wipe your tears, or you crave the comfort of a warm hug, you soon find you can give yourself these things, too. And, eventually, that becomes enough. Which means all those other people, places and things you are so blessed to have — they become a bonus in your life, and appreciation for their presence comes naturally. 

You feel more grateful, because you know you’d be okay even if you were all on your own. 

There will always be moments when you feel lonely, like no one understands you, like you’re not sure where you turn; it’s the human experience. But knowing you can return back to the centre of who you are — and be there for you — builds an innate strength that will carry you through it all. 

This unbreakable relationship with yourself starts with the smallest of choices each day; all while knowing you’re worth it, you’re deserving, and you need you.

So, show up for yourself. Take those five minutes. Breathe. Say what you think, do what you want, and fulfil your own needs shamelessly. Build your strong, empowering, affirming relationship with yourself into a ritual. 

Because all the beauty, magic and love in your life begins with you — and it’s powered by that self-love relationship you’ve chosen to build each day. 


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