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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

Your new Haircare BFF

Your new Haircare BFF

Regardless of the type of hair you have, straight, thick, curly, fine, etc, you’re not alone if you have experienced hair breakage and damage.

Most women suffer from the occasional spit end, or frizzy factor, but what you may not realise is that these occurrences are actually warning signs that your tresses are distressed and in need of some TLC pronto.

There are many environmental and lifestyle factors which contribute to hair health. Common causes of hair breakage are often linked to, excessive heat styling, hair colouring (over time), using poor quality hair elastics that snag and pull hair, as well as simple things like brushing out knots in hair while it's wet.

The good news is that there are a lot of easy changes you can make to your current hair beauty regime to help protect and nourish your locks, in order to keep your hair healthy and strong for years to come.

One of the easiest changes to make, that won’t break the bank, is to ditch your ‘old school’ hair elastics!

Traditional hair elastics (particularly those with the small metal inserts) are extremely harsh on hair. They wrap tightly against the hair strand causing snagging, intense friction right up to the roots. They can even cause severe tension headaches in some people.

Opt instead for a scrunchie – such as the Rush Rush Co. Sleep Satin Scrunchie which features in our Summer Box.

Scrunchies are naturally gentler on hair than hair elastics, due to the soft material covering. They also have the ability to slide out of the hair with ease and don’t cause unsightly creases and crinkles in your hair when removed.

While cotton scrunchies tend to draw moisture away from the hair which can lead to dryer, more fragile stands, The Rush Rush Co. Sleep Satin Scrunchie helps to keep hair softer and fresh.

Rush Rush Co. Founder and Managing Director, Mia Thomas never leaves home without a Sleep Satin Scrunchie in her hair, on her wrist or in her handbag...and sometimes all three!

After I became a mother, I found my hair changed dramatically. I also found myself having to tie my hair up constantly in order to deal with mum-life. Cheap hair elastics get easily lost and kept snagging in my hair. The Sleep Satin Scrunchie was my haircare lifesaver”, explains Mia.

Rush Rush Co. Sleep Satin Scrunchies are made from soft matte satin, and come in a great range of fashion colours, perfect for work life, Mum life, exercise, and of course sleep. They are easy to use and also super comfortable to wear in your hair, as well as on your wrist, which is essential to a good scrunchie!

So who is Rush Rush Co?

With over 18 years spent working as a marketing professional building various retail brands for other people, Mia Thomas understands that every business and customer connection is uniquely different.

Becoming a Mother in 2017 allowed Mia to combine her business savvy and love for the Australian hairdressing industry and turn her ‘stay at home mum side hustle’ into the new go-to destination for hair accessories, Rush Rush Co.

After 12 months in business Rush Rush Co. now supplies hair accessories to a growing number of reputable Australian hair salons, as well as boasting a thriving online store.

Rush Rush Co. is based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland.

Discover the range of Rush Rush Co. Sleep Satin Scrunchies online at and for an exclusive RY Discount, use code RYTAKE25 at checkout for 25% off all hair accessories (Expires 31 March 2020).


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