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Behind the Biz with Mellow Cosmetics

Behind the Biz with Mellow Cosmetics

Today we sit down the the formidable team behind our favourite makeup brand, Mellow Cosmetics, to talk all things Mellow and what's coming up for the brand. 

Can you give us a brief overview of Mellow Cosmetics:

In 2014, Mellow started as a small company in a tiny garage. I was on maternity leave after the birth of my first son. It was such a joyful time for me taking care of my son and being away from my full time corporate job. As I was getting closer to the end of my leave, I felt the urge to stay home with my family but I always had the dream of doing something great to help myself and other women around the globe. I wanted to work for myself and be my own boss but still wanted to create useful products to boost women's confidence by enhancing their natural features.

I was definitely hesitant to leave my tiny baby at a child care centre to go back to work. I did not want to miss all the amazing milestones of my son, just like every other Mum, so I decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my dream career right in that minute. I did just that! I quit my job to follow my big dream… My husband and I combined our savings and borrowed money from the bank to start Mellow and I have never regretted my decision.

I now have two boys and launching Mellow was one of the best decisions I ever made! In fact, I am about to launch my second business which is a clean, organic, Australian Made skin care line called Stuf Skin. 

I now have the flexibility to spend as much time as I want with my boys, as they are my main priority, and I get to do what I love every day which brings me so much joy and that's enough for me. 

Do you have any new products, innovations, or services that you feel stand out from the rest?

The skin care range I am launching soon is going to be the next big thing for us. I have made sure the products are formulated with the highest natural active ingredients, are organic and are made with the consumer in my mind. I want to be able to help people with problem skin types, including Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, eczema. I want my products to give them a boost in confidence by bettering the condition of their skin.

Makeup also goes hand in hand with skin care, your face is like a blank canvas and you need the blank canvas to look its best before applying makeup, the new products are designed to do just that. 

What sets you apart from other establishments offering similar products or services as yourself? 

Mellow's products are Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free. I care about what I put on my own face and I am very careful when it comes to formulating new products as I want the products to be suitable for every skin type and colour.

My products are high quality, you get the luxurious packaging and formula but you get it at an affordable price. 

I am also proud to be a Mum Entrepreneur who started from zero with no experience in the industry and built a multi million dollar brand on my own. A lot of the brands out there are owned by huge industry leaders with large investors and a massive team to help them with daily tasks and planning, I never had any of this when I started, I just hoped for the best and worked my hardest and I believe this is what sets my brand a part from a lot of the large beauty brands in the industry right now.


You can check out Mellow Cosmetics full range of beautiful makeup on Mellow Cosmetics and follow them on Instagram or Facebook at @mellowcosmetics for more information about their products and ethos. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYMYSTERY for 20% off the entire Mellow range inc bundles until 31/01/21


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