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#behindthebiz | Claire from ECO. Modern Essentials

#behindthebiz | Claire from ECO. Modern Essentials

Essential oils have a place in all of our homes. For health, relaxation, skincare, cleanliness and curing common illnesses. And Founder and CEO Claire Mitchell's brand - ECO. Modern Essentials - uses essential oils as the basis for all of their products. 

Combine that with ethical production, locally sourced ingredients, cruelty free practices and incredibly affordable products, ECO. Modern Essentials is a brand that will soon be found in all of our homes.

We had a chat to Claire to go behind the scenes at ECO. Modern Essentials, to find out her favourite way to use ECO. products, and what a fulfilled life looks like to her...


Tell us a bit about the people behind your company 

We’ve grown from a team of two to 20 employees. Our team is very passionate about the environment, including the Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches, and try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our branding is so important, and our team lives and breathes the ‘eco’ philosophy. We remain true to the ECO. brand in everything we do.

What inspired you to start your company and when did you start it?           

I am a qualified accountant and have worked as Chief Financial Officer for high-grade tech companies. My vision was to transfer my business skills and passion for growing businesses to my own venture - developing a product range that’s true to me and that I love.

I purchased The Natalie Group in 2009 before launching ECO. Modern Essentials, with the aim of exporting a high-quality Australian ‘eco’ brand to the rest of the world.

What would an ‘average day in the life of’ look like for you?         

I am an early riser like most Gold Coasters, up with the birds at 5 – off to the gym to work out with my squad at ABTC, I am addicted to weight training and love Hot yoga, home for 7:30 for a walk or swim at beach, then catch up on all the export work from night before then into factory with ECO team to focus on our Australian business, night times are for family, and enjoying our beautiful gold coast restaurants and lifestyle.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?    

The birds are very noisy :) My gorgeous dog Tommy used to, but now it is because mornings are my favourite time to be active and also excited about export and online results from night before.

How do you make your products?     

We’re proud to be an Australian company and proud to live on the Gold Coast. We carry out some manufacturing and supply at Varsity Lakes, alongside a specialist production facility in Melbourne. Australia is a strong brand; we have such a great reputation for quality production which resonates with customers around the world.

What is your favourite product in your range?         

Recovery spray for gym, C serum for face and my favourite essential oil blend at the moment is Romance.

What is your favourite way to enjoy your product/s?

For my essential oils, in my serene diffuser and for recovery spray it stays in by gym bag!

What is an interesting way of using your products that not many people would know about?        

Place a few drops in the corner of the shower and enjoy the aroma coming off the hot steam. Mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil and DIY blends.

What have been the biggest trials so far in starting and running your company?     

Oh wow there have been so many, lots of big lessons learned, the important thing is to learn from there and keep moving fast.

What experiences lead to the values you have instilled in your company?  

To me, the concept of an ‘eco’ brand encompasses lifestyle. Our team is very passionate about the environment, including the Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches, and try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

ECO. Modern Essentials is not simply a natural skin product. It’s a wellness brand which offers our customers a range of products to make them feel great about themselves. Essential oils are at the heart of our brand.

Essential oils have been around for a long time and their benefits have been well-documented. We are passionate about educating our customers and ‘simplifying’ the use of oils – including the way we package and present them, so customers can learn about blends and how to develop their own.

If you weren’t running your company,  what would you be doing? 

Oh I can’t ever imagine not leading our ECO team. I love it.

What is your favourite way of winding down and taking time out? 

On weekends, I love the beach and our burgeoning cafe culture - visiting my favourite haunts in Broadbeach, including Social Eating House, No Name Lane and The Garden Bar at The Star Gold Coast.

Here at Retreat Yourself, we LOVE dreaming BIG - what is your vision for your company?        

We want ECO to be the most loved wellness brand in Australia and all Australian families to have ECO in their homes and life. Our goal is to be significant in cross border online business in China and to have our newly launch US website to be as successful for B2C as our Australian site.

For anyone out there wanting to start their own business, what would your biggest piece of advice be?    

Make sure you love what you do and surround yourself with passionate, clever people that love your brand as much as you. It is a massive team effort to grow a business, make sure your surround yourself with a team that is on the same journey.

And lastly, what does a fulfilled life look like to you?         

I think it changes as we grow but to me being fulfilled is being challenged, learning constantly, being happy with your business and family, being active and feeling like you are making a contribution to the world and people around you. I love growing a brand like ECO and seeing what a positive impact it has on our customers, our ECO team and our community.


Inspired yet? We are...

You can check out ECO. Modern Essentials on their website:


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