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The Benefits of Vitamin C

The Benefits of Vitamin C

Did you know that Vitamin C is an amazing all over body boost?

From reducing fatigue to assisting with immune health, Vitamin C can do it all. It's also essential to assist with the body's own collagen formation, supple vibrant skin and strong healthy hair.

Which is why we personally add Coco Luxe BOOST coconut water to our smoothies in the mornings (we get Coco Luxe's bulk packs - but our subscribers were able to try one in their Autumn Box! Not only is it a great tasting vitamin hit, but it comes without the sugar spike that can be found in other coconut waters. 

We thought we would share with you our three favourite ways to use BOOST that will leave you with a difference you can "C" (get it ;)). 

1. Try a citrus twist to your acai bowl recipe. After gathering your ingredients of choice for the base (we love frozen banana, mango, peaches and acai pre-mix) add a splash of fresh OJ and your BOOST into your blender and hit blend. Top with some fresh blueberries and granola for some extra goodness.   

2. Mix up your favourite chia pudding recipe and change out the almond milk for BOOST. Let it set over night in the fridge and in the morning cut up some fresh orange and grate some dark chocolate on top for a delicious choc-orange breakfast. 

3. Straight from the bottle - hydration & an immune boost! 

A little more about Coco Luxe Life

Not all Coconut Waters are created equal. At Coco Luxe Life they not only create high quality products that ticks all the boxes, they also ensure their process is ethical through all aspects of the supply chain. 

They were recently made aware of Thai plantations using macaques (monkeys) to harvest their coconuts. As animal advocates, Coco Luxe Life were appalled to learn of this practice and upon looking into it and speaking to experts in the field, were shocked to find out just how prevalent this practice was. 

Coco Luxe Life want customers to know that they do not support this practice in any way; their coconuts are sourced in Vietnam with high social standards ensuring not only are the factory staff protected, but so are the farmers. 

They will continue to shine a light on this issue and will continue to support animal and environmental causes. Especially after the terrible fires in Australia this summer they are committed to continue financial support of 1% of profits to be donated to WIRES throughout 2020 and beyond.

By supporting Coco Luxe Life, you are also supporting them.

If you want to learn more about Coco Luxe Life's range of coconut water visit their website: and for an exclusive RY Discount, use code RETREATME at checkout for 25% off storewide (expires 31st July 2020). 


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