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Going dry this July?

Going dry this July?

Thinking about going dry in  July? Here are some tips to help you see the month through.

Going alc-free for a month is a great way to reset, concentrate on healthy living and cleanse your system. But, you don’t want it to cleanse your social calendar too. With the peer pressures of friends wanting to have a drink, plus the power of regular habits holding you back, hitting the snooze on booze for 30 days can be harder than you think. However, a little bit of planning can make a huge difference to success rates for anyone looking to do a dry month. We are now a week into one of the most popular alc-free months, so here are some insights into easy ways you make your way through the month without alcohol. 

  1. Clear out the fridge (and liquor cabinet)

This isn't us advocating for a week-long bender to drain every last drop of beer, wine and spirits from your house before you give up cold turkey. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a detox month (although the memory of that whopping hangover might add extra incentive to stop drinking for a while). The smarter thing to do is to stop buying alcohol a couple of weeks out. That means you’ll naturally run dry by the time the 1st day of your month off comes around. If you have some bottles of spirits or wine that tend to hang around for longer, then look at taking them out of their normal places, boxing them up, and keeping them in a safe spot, eg a helpful friend’s house, your parents, or even just that room you never ever go into. Less temptation on hand, less chance you’ll crack a week into your dry month. 

  1. Rope in your friends to join you for the alc-free month

One of the biggest reasons that someone gives up giving up alcohol in the middle of a detox month is a friend saying, “c’mon, a few won’t hurt”. That slippery slope turns into a freefall pretty soon. On the same token, you don’t want to quit hanging out with your friends. The best thing to do is get your friends in on the alc-free challenge too. That sharing aspect can be really fun, you can turn it into a competition to see who can go the longest staying sober, even after the 30 days ends. You can also set a reward. When you make it through, you go out for a nice dinner somewhere, maybe a restaurant you’ve wanted to go to. Even better, if someone buckles during the month and has a drink, it means they have to foot the whole bill for the dinner. You’d be surprised at how much the prospect of losing a bet will strengthen your will power to see you through those difficult nights. 

  1. Organise some stress relief

A few drinks at the end of the week is a common way to unwind and wash off the stress. But, what if you can’t do that with a couple of ‘cleansers’? Do you just let that stress build up? No way. It can lead to some pretty itchy wineglass fingers come Friday night. Instead, use the money you’ve saved on buying alcohol and get a massage instead. You know what else is great for stress relief? Exercise, go for a run, do some yoga. Whatever you can. Just make sure you plan things and put it in the calendar during those times you know your stress levels normally go up.

  1. Make going alc-free bigger than just you

There are a lot of great charities you can raise money for during popular alcohol-free months. There’s Dry July that raises money to fight cancer or FebFast who support disadvantaged youth. Whatever your charity of choice, going dry for a good cause not only helps motivate you to get through an alc-free month, it compounds the feeling of satisfaction you get at the end by making it all the way through. That positive association makes it all the easier next time.

  1. Replace the habit instead of breaking it

Often the easiest way to stop drinking booze, is to drink something tasty in its place. Say hi to our friends, Monday. If you’re partial to a Gin and Tonic, they have one without the tears. Love a whiskey and dry? Their Dram Dry is for you. Partial to beer and wine, then there are some incredible options too. No matter what though, everything comes back to planning. As you begin to clear out the fridge of temptations, start restocking with healthier options. Who knows, they might become more of a regular fixture after the month too, making those healthier habits and their benefits last all the way through the year.


Monday Distillery offer a great way to start your replacement journey with their Everyday Pack. Sip all 7 of Monday Distillery’s alc-free flavours any day of the week. This new rainbow pack delivers a full spectrum of taste including their latest addition, Mezcalita. There’s even a surprise jar of Garnish thrown in to complement the drinks and win over your friends. With 28 bottles in total, it’s enough to make any dry month rain with social engagements. 

You can find Monday Distillery's non-alcoholic G&T and Paloma mixes in our Winter '21 Box. Check out the full range at and use the discount code RYWINTER for 10% off online until 30/09/21, includes free shipping!


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