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Introducing your 'Rise' retreat brands!

Introducing your 'Rise' retreat brands!

The 'Rise' retreat has been thoughtfully created to remind you that you are capable of what you dream. Every morning you wake, you are given a gift; a brand new day, a completely new beginning, another opportunity to live the life of your dreams. To rise is to wake each morning and accept that challenge. It’s to believe in yourself, it’s to stand tall in your power, and it’s to go out there, reach into the unknown and make it all your own reality.

We've handpicked a selection of indulgent and holistically healthy products from brands that we know and trust, and carefully packaged them up as the 'tools' for your 'Rise' retreat. These products will nourish you, nurture you and make you feel cared for from the inside out. Read on to discover the 'Rise' products, learn how to create 'Mini Retreat Experiences' at home with each of them. find special discount codes to help you repurchase your favourite discoveries.

Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue Co
, Essentials Duo

RRP $58.00

What: Peggy Sue’s Essentials Duo is the perfect pair to take with you anywhere. Small enough to slip into your handbag so that you have them with you on the go. Their Oak Essential Oil Perfume will help you breathe slow and deep, keeping you grounded by giving you a sense of calm in the chaos. Their nourishing Lip Conditioner which is blended with natural, vitamin-rich ingredients, will work to deeply nourish and restore lips, as well as to create a physical hydration barrier to protect them against the outside elements.

Mini retreat experience:  Rituals don’t have to occur in the heart of your home; some rituals are so powerful they can happen anywhere, causing a ripple effect of peace around your body. So, keep your Peggy Sue Co Essentials Duo in your handbag and bring it out to create a few moments of calm for yourself. Nourish your lips and cloud your body in the scent of oak. A slight pause that allows you to reset and move on with your day.

Discount: RYRISE for 15% off online until 01/12/2022



FB: @peggysuesoaps


Thankyou, Botanical Sweet Orange & Almond Body Wash

RRP $7.99

What: Give your skin some love with this fragrant and cleansing body wash that contains ingredients derived from nature. This blend of natural oils and botanical extracts combined with the scents of zesty orange and almonds will cleanse and revitalise your body. The best part? This bottle exists all-for the end of extreme poverty. Talk about a life-changing shower!

Mini retreat experience: Slow it down, and relish in that alone time. For many, the shower is one of the most sacred places, the one spot you can truly be alone. So each time you step inside, commit to spending this time mindfully with yourself. With your Thankyou Botanical Orange & Almond Body Wash, use this time to get into every crevice, surrounded by the sweet scent. Between the toes and behind the ears, go slow and enjoy your time alone.


IG: @thankyou.nurture

FB: @thankyou.nurture


Natio, Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF 50+ 

RRP $19.95 for full size

What: Natio’s Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50+ is a multi award-winning, longtime best-seller, loved by customers of all ages. Sun protection and skincare combine in this lightweight and non- greasy everyday moisturiser which offers very high SPF 50+ protection and broad spectrum UVA/ UVB coverage.

Mini retreat experience: If there’s one product you apply religiously, every single day - make it sunscreen. You might not notice the difference day on day, but you will as the years pass; your skin will thank you. Use Natio’s Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50+ below your makeup as a nourishing base that protects you from the sun’s damaging rays. Know that this is something you are doing for your greater health, and celebrate the morning activity.

Discount: Scan QR code on product for 50% off online (up to $250) until 28/02/22


IG: @natiobeauty

FB: @natioaus

 The Jojoba Company

The Jojoba Company, Toning Mist

RRP $19.95 for full size

What: Combining a blend of pure jojoba leaf extract, jojoba milk and hydrolysed jojoba esters, along with vitamin C rich desert lime, this toning mist is clinically proven to provide extended skin hydration, firmness and pore reduction. It will protect skin from the elements with a breathable barrier against everyday environmental aggressors and instantly refresh thirsty, dehydrated skin.

Mini retreat experience: Like a fresh breeze freshens your home, The The Jojoba Toning Mist injects life into your skin, even on the dullest of days. Keep on your desk, by your bed or even in your handbag, so it can be with you at all times because this mist will make you feel alive. Instantly refreshed, recharged and nourished, your skin and mind will thank you.

Discount: RYRISE for 20% off online until 31/03/22


IG: @thejojobaco


 Love Beauty Foods

Love Beauty Foods, Uplift and Energise Body Oil

RRP $34.95 

What: A silky body oil to stimulate the mind and body. With a vibrant scent of Australian lemon myrtle and ginger, this silky body oil helps to stimulate the mind and invigorate the body as it envelopes and softens skin. The dynamic formula combines jojoba, sunflower, hemp and pumpkin oil, ingredients known to improve moisture reserves, pacify inflammation and fortify the skin barrier. Turmeric helps to even tone and impart skin with a remarkable radiance. A revitalising way to start your day.

Mini retreat experience: Use self-massage as a way to connect your mind, body and soul. The more time you spend in loving, hand to hand connection with your body, the deeper your sense of self will become. Create a daily practice, a just out of the shower exercise, when your body is still slightly damp, using your Love Beauty Foods Body Oil to deeply nourish your skin. Work through the knots in your hands and feet and thank your body for all it does.

Discount: RYRISE for 20% off online until 31/05/2022


IG: @lovebeautyfoods

FB: @lovebeautyfoods

Pure Deo Co

Pure Deo Co, Rose + Pink Clay, Magnesium Deodorant

RRP $16.90

What: Pure Deo Co. natural deodorant neutralises odour causing bacteria using magnesium to prevent the formation of B.O. with all day protection. Suitable for the most sensitive skin and all levels of sweating activity, these products have mineral rich Australian pink clay to absorb moisture, and are scented with pure essential oils.

Mini retreat experience: Heading off on a retreat is all about feeling your best self, and a massive part of that is pampering and loving every part of your body. So welcome a little luxury to an otherwise mundane daily activity, swipe each underarm with Pure Deo Co. Rose + Pink Clay Magnesium Deodorant and relish in the decadence of it all. The beauty of the packaging, the scent of the deodorant; what an experience for your pits.

Discount: RYRISE for 20% off your first order online until 31/05/2022


IG: @puredeoco

FB: @puredeoco

Eco Tools

EcoTools, Bioblender Facial Cleansing Sponge Mitt

RRP $14.95

What: Meet BioBlender by EcoTools, the biodegradable* Facial Cleansing Mitt that works as hard for you as it does for the planet. Made with 5 earth friendly ingredients, specially formulated material and a unique mitt shape for a more controlled cleanse so you can get that flawless, glowing look without the added waste.

Mini retreat experience: Step into your home salon, and prepare for your deepest at-home cleanse yet. Prep your skin with a warm shower or hot compress to open up your pores. Then pair the EcoTools BioBlender with your favourite cleanser, perhaps something particularly aromatic for those spa day vibes, and buff in loving circular motions all over your face for a glowing, clear complexion.

Discount: RYRISE for 25% off online until 30/06/2022


IG: @ecotools

FB: @ecotools

Coma Organics 
Coma Organics, Sweet Dreams Room & Body Mist

RRP $29.95

What: Coma Organics Sweet Dreams Body and Room Mist is formulated to help you to switch off from a busy day, relaxing the body, mind and soul.

Mini retreat experience: Take the time to align your body clock with the sun and start to wind down for the day as the sun dips. Slowly prepare for a night of rest in the dimming daylight. Take your Sweet Dreams Body & Room Mist and spritz in the corners of your space and above your head, breathing deeply as you go. Recline down and journal, reflecting on your day with the last of the light before drifting off to sleep.

Discount: RYRISE for 40% off online until 31/03/2022


IG: @coma.organics

FB: @comaorganicsaustralia

Naked Life 
Naked Life, Non-Alcoholic Italian Spritz and Gin and Tonic

RRP $15/4 pack

What: Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and Mixed Drinks is Australia’s largest range of non-alcoholic ready-to-drinks. The 11 cocktails and amber-spirit inspired mixed drinks are created to cater to Australia’s most popular bar calls. These award-winners are lovingly crafted with distilled botanicals for a unique flavour, but unmistakable taste. Apart from being non-alcoholic the drinks are sugar free and low in calories (8 or less per can).

Mini retreat experience: Take dinner out, alfresco style. Gather up your nearest and dearest and drive to a special spot - by the sea, in the park or up the hill. Pack your picnic blanket, fill the esky with Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and pick up takeaway on the way. Spend the evening enjoying the best of life; good food, good drinks and great company.

Discount: RYRISE for 20% off online until 01/06/2022


IG: @nakedlifespirits


Charlie's Fine Food Co

Charlie's Fine Food Co., Plant-Powered Dark Choc Chip Cookie

RRP $3.50

What: Gluten free, vegan and deliciously chocolatey, Charlie’s Dark Choc Chip Artisan Cookie is filled with wholesome ingredients including tahini, figs and coconut with real dark chocolate chips.

Mini retreat experience: Take your morning tea on location. That’s right, leave your desk and step out of your home and take yourself on a date for your morning break. Grab your Charlie’s Fine Food Co. Plant-Powered Dark Choc Chip Cookie, fill your keep cup with your favourite mid-morning beverage and stroll on down to your local park bench. Sit, sip, indulge and watch the world go by. You never know what you’ll see; people-watching is infinitely fascinating.

Discount: RYRISE for 10% off online until 31/03/22


IG: @charliesfinefoodco

FB: @charliesfinefoodco

 Retreat Yourself

Retreat Yourself, Reed Diffuser

RRP $29.95 

What: A ‘Rise’ retreat exclusive, the Retreat Yourself Coconut & Lime Reed Diffuser is the equivalent of jumping on a jet to your dream tropical island location. With its fresh scent reminiscent of the beachside, fill your space with the fragrance of sweet coconut and zesty lime. Featuring a gorgeous aesthetic, style your diffuser in different nooks to bring warmth, joy and vibrancy to your home.

Mini retreat experience:  Create the sense of a beach holiday inside your home. Place the Retreat Yourself Coconut & Lime Reed Diffuser in any room you want to welcome the seaside in. Make it a little ritual to flip the reeds and tidy your space once a week as you settle down and embrace the holiday vibes. It’s time to relax.

Discount: RYRISE for 15% off all Retreat Yourself Marketplace products until 31/05/22


IG: @retreatyourself_box

FB: @retreatyourselfhealthbox


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