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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

Mystery Box Retreat Tools - November 2021

Mystery Box Retreat Tools - November 2021

Inside your Mystery Box you'll find a beautiful collection of hand picked products, chosen just for this Mystery Box. The products found hidden under the tissue paper have been selected to become your tools to help you settle into your mini-retreat experience.

They are all created by conscious wellness brands and will each nourish you in their own unique way. Read on below to learn about the brand behind each product, why they create what they do, and how the individual products will slip seamlessly into your life.

We hope you enjoy! x

Akaia Blends

Akaia Blends

Balance & Glow Face Oil - RRP $33

Who: Akaia Blends create effective skin and body care using gentle, non-toxic ingredients. They believe in transparency where consumers have access to breakdown lists of ingredients because people deserve to know exactly what they are putting on to their skin. All products are handmade with care and produced in small batches to ensure quality. 

What: Akaia Blends Balance and Glow Face Oil is formulated using 100% natural botanical oils like rosehip, jojoba and sweet almond oil. It is intended for daily use on normal and combination skin types. It is lightweight with a minimally greasy feel, leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple. Suitable for sensitive skin, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical.

How: Add 3-5 drops to the tips of your fingers, and gently press the oil over the face and neck. Massage in the oil for a couple of minutes in an upward motion. Use at night and/or morning if you have drier skin. Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your moisturiser before applying to the skin.

Why: Facial oils are super beneficial for all skin types, as they serve as a protection layer for your skin. Akaia Blends Balance and Glow Face Oil is filled with skin loving plant oils containing essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help to repair the skin from scarring and uneven skin tone, balance moisture loss and to restore a healthy glowing complexion.

Discount Code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off online until 28/02/22

My Rituals

My Rituals

Renew Botanical Toning Mist - RRP $19.00

Who: MyRituals inspires the embracing of rituals each day to create space for love, connection, creativity and health to flourish. Every MyRituals product is designed to provide the foundations for a conscious, deliberate and joyful lifestyle. Whether it be natural skincare products or yoga mats and journals, MyRituals products are all designed to help you create the perfect self-care ritual.

What: Heal, restore and tone your skin with the My Rituals Renew Toning Mist. Designed for everyday use, the careful blend of rich and healing plant extracts in this alcohol-free mist will calm and soothe even the most delicate of skin types. 

How: Create sacred daily rituals of nourishment and renewal for body, mind and soul. Simply spray a fine mist across your face and neck after cleansing or in a moment of overwhelm to renew your focus and reset your intentions.

Why: Jacaranda Flower refreshes and hydrates the skin, while the light floral scents of rose and jasmine give a renewed radiance. The Aloe Vera and Elderflower is brimming with vitamins and minerals that preserve the skin, contain antioxidants for sun protection and Vitamin A,B,C & E to tighten the skin and even the complexion.

Discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off online until 31/12/2021



Beauty Sleep - RRP $8.50

Who: Rochway are leaders in the probiotic market with a specialised focus on probiotics offered in new and innovative formats and deliveries. Their products are formulated with the highest quality probiotics, backed by years of clinical research. They investigate widely to source ingredients without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Their advanced probiotic complexes are available in liquids, powders and capsules, to suit everyone's needs. 

What: Packed with gut-loving probiotics and marine collagen, Beauty Sleep is your ticket to glowing skin and quality zzz’s for body and mind rejuvenation. The natural sleep elixir is formulated using Rochway’s unique BioRestoreTM fermentation process with papaya and six easily absorbed multi-strain probiotics for optimal gut health, Beauty Sleep is packed with essential goodness to naturally aid sleep and reinforce the body’s daily rhythms of sleep.

How: ​​To use Beauty Sleep, adults should use a measuring cup to consume 20mL 1-2 hours before bedtime. Shake well before use.

Why: Beauty Sleep's hero ingredients speak for themselves. Marine Collagen is a skin saviour, regenerating and rehydrating the skin and keeping it firm, plump and glowing, while Sour Cherry is rich in the vital sleep hormone melatonin. Calming herbs Valerian and Hops top off the Beauty Sleep formula, promoting relaxation and calmness to send anyone into a natural slumber.



BL Nourish Lip Serum - $24.00

Who: The world's first true Clean Cosmeceuticals. Biologi's skincare range of 100% active phyto-nutrients are consumer proven to be highly effective at nourishing and protecting cells. Biologi skincare is undiluted, free from fragrance and contains zero synthetic activating agents. Biologi delivers results with every potent drop.

What: BIOLOGI Nourish Lip Serum is a single-plant extract of native Australian Blood Red Finger Lime. Chosen for its natural repairing and protection properties, the blood-red finger lime is packed with 100% active natural phytonutrients that work in synergy to reduce redness, calm the skin on the lips and leave lips softer and more supple than ever before.

How: Twist the bottom of the dispenser to the right to push serum into the sponge applicator. Apply to dry lips before sunscreen and makeup. Apply throughout the day as needed for a burst of hydration and to give a clear shine. Apply before bed for an overnight deep conditioning, that regenerates and repairs lips while you sleep. 

Why: BIOLOGI Nourish Lip Serum is a revolutionary serum unlike other glosses and balms on the market. Rather than sitting on top of the lips causing congestion, the unique water-soluble formulation penetrates the skin’s deeper layers to regenerate cells, increase suppleness and aid hydration while providing a clear shine.

Discount code: RYMYSTERY for 15% off online until 31/12/21 (some exclusions apply)

Freedom Cacao

Cerimonial Cacao - RRP $11.95

Who: There is a reason why cacao lovers are falling head over heels and choosing cacao over coffee! Freedom Cacao gives you the kick without the crash plus it is about as pure and as sacred as it gets. Freedom Cacao are all about creating ceremonies around celebration, coming home to self every day and expanding our state of consciousness. Have cacao as your bestie to live through intention and keep your vibes high.

What: Freedom Cacao's sacred bag of hand-shaved, organic and ethically sourced cacao is a convenient way to enjoy cacao every day. She is infused with love and is excited to create magic with you! She’s your friend with benefits, the superfood to your soul and the key to your heart. It's not hard to fall madly in love with her.

How to make cacao:

  1. Heat 250ml of plant-based milk (don’t use dairy or soy milk as it messes with the cacao) or water to approx 85°C (ionised water for maximum taste and health benefits).
  2. Add heated water, 2-3 heaped tablespoons of Freedom Cacao with a sweetener of your choice (we recommend honey or coconut sugar) and blend until a nice chocolate brown liquid.

How to drink cacao -

  1. Prepare cacao using one of Freedom Cacao's recipes or the above method.
  2. Pour into your favourite mug.
  3. Set your intention for the day.
  4. Drink one sip at a time while focusing on your intention.
  5. Move into journaling, dance, meditation, gratitude or whatever ritual you love.
  6. Enjoy and celebrate life.

Optional additions - coconut oil, cayenne, cinnamon, maca, MCT oil, reishi, Chaga.

Why: For optimal benefits, it’s best to have a ceremonial dose of cacao daily, which is 42 grams. This increases blood flow by up to 30%, meaning that more life force energy can move through your body and nourish your system. If you’re new to drinking cacao, 15-30 grams is a good starting point, and then you can work your way up.

Discount code: ​​RYMYSTERY for 10% off online until 31/01/22

Georgie Skin

Georgie Skin

100% Raw Silk Exfoliator - RRP $38.95

Who: Georgie Skin is an Australian owned and female led wellness brand that seeks to empower women to love themselves un-apologetically by prioritising their self care. They do this through the tools of skin care, while providing you with a luxe unboxing experience AND glowy results with the 100% pure Raw Silk Facial Exfoliator. 

What: Nourish and rejuvenate your skin naturally with a layer of finely woven silk that works in harmony with your skin, gently retaining a PH balance, exfoliating tired skin cells and bringing up a fresh and younger layer of skin. SIMPLE. NATURAL. ECONOMICAL. BIO-DEGRADABLE. 100% PURE RAW SILK.

How: It’s user friendly! It's economical! It's foolproof! Wet it, gently buff it over your face and BAM! Softer, more radiant, beautiful skin is revealed instantly.

Why: Help promote and stimulate fresh, healthy skin by using the Raw Silk Facial Exfoliator. Usage will unblock pores, removing impurities from your makeup and the environment. It helps to prevent breakouts whilst evening skin tone and texture, and buffing away old dead skin cells to reveal brighter and smoother skin. 100% pure raw silk is hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin) and packed with many amino acids (perfect to nourish skin). 

Discount code: RYMYSTERY for 20% off online until 31/12/21

Freed Beverages

Freed Beverages

Certified Organic Unsweetened Sparkling Tea Soda - RRP $5.00

Who: Iced tea is renowned for high amounts of sugar and low-quality ingredients, but not at Freed. Freed Beverages set out to create an iced tea that was unique to the market, one that was certified organic, uses brewed tea and high-quality natural ingredients, and is unsweetened without the sugar or natural and artificial sweeteners found in regular iced tea. Something to be enjoyed by all!

What: Freed Iced Tea is an unsweetened, certified organic, sparkling tea soda that comes in four fruit refreshing flavours. Unlike other drinks in the healthy beverage sector, there is no added sugar or sweetener to create a delicious flavour. 

How: Best enjoyed cold, straight out of the fridge or poured over ice. 

Why: No sugar and completely unsweetened, you won't find any of those fancy sugar chemicals or natural sweeteners in Freed Beverages.

In order to meet the Australian Certified Organic standards, there are also no preservatives or artificial flavours, and the tea goes through a pasteurisation process heating the can to about 72 degrees to remove any of those nasties and making it shelf-stable.

Discount code: RYMYSTERY for 15% off online until 31/01/22

Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur 

Banana Bread Snack Bar - RRP $3.99

Who: At Blue Dinosaur we believe that to make the perfect healthy snack it's as much about beautiful and nutritious real food ingredients as it is the way you bring those ingredients together. We call it Hand-Baked, a hand made process that preserves nutritional punch, flavour, and creates our unique cakey texture. With 23 products & four unique ranges, it's our mission to continue to explore the edges of what healthy snacking can be for our people.

What: Organic bananas, cinnamon, and coconut. This bar does exactly what it says on the label: Banana Bread! Not only is it the healthiest banana bread you'll ever come across, it's banana bread you can keep in your pocket and whip out when you're floating out the back of the line-up or enjoying your coffee on the way to work!

How: Tear open the wrapper and eat!

Why: Gluten, soy, dairy, and preservative free, no added sugars or sweeteners, non-GMO, nothing artificial. Only good stuff inside.

Discount code: RYMYSTERY for 15% off online until 31/12/21



    Another divine mystery box! Such unique and gorgeous products. You’re mini retreats never cease to amaze. Living remote makes it even more special to receive. Only one problem…kicking myself that I didn’t order an extra one to gift! Blessings in a box 💗

  • Janine

    Loved the mystery box! Love all the boxes I have bought from you. It is exciting to open up the boxes and see all of the products inside. I love how I can try products that I probably wouldn’t come across usually. Love that they are Australian products that are healthy and natural with a great mix of beauty, well-being and nutrition goodies. Thank you 😊

  • Christine

    I just loved the recent Mystery Box! Beautiful products which I will use all of and some wholesome snacks which were delicious! Such a great selection. I actually bought two of them and will be gifting one as a Christmas present. Another perfectly curated box. RY you guys are amazing!!

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