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The Smallest Super Seed in the World 20+ Nutrients, Grown Right Here in Australia

The Smallest Super Seed in the World 20+ Nutrients, Grown Right Here in Australia

Special guest, Fraser McNaul of Teff Tribe takes us through the incredible ability of the smallest seed in the world, Teff. 

We featured Teff Tribe's Gluten-Free Teff Porridge in our Winter Box and it can be found at many independent grocers and health food stores. 


Teff Tribe believe small things matter, like working with local farmers and their communities. Teff Tribe sow, grow, harvest, process and supply all of their Teff products directly to the end consumer – making them a true blue paddock to plate Australian agribusiness.

Teff has a long history in the field - one that reaches back approximately 6000 years to ancient Ethiopia. Its lengthy history is why it gains the cliché classification of ‘Ancient Grain,’ and rightly so, right?

Scientifically known as 'Eragrostis tef', it has been officially dubbed as the smallest seed in the world. As we know though, small things matter and Teff is no exception. With 3000 seeds weighing in at a single gram, it’s about what’s under the husk that truly matters.

Teff Tribe

Nutritionally Teff has also stood the test of time. The seed contains more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals including; protein, fibre, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B, copper, thiamine and is packed with prebiotics.

To place Teff into perspective, when compared gram for gram it contains more calcium than a glass of milk, more iron than red meat, and the same protein as an egg. Teff is also naturally gluten-free, low FODMAP, has no known allergens, and contains an impressive type of dietary fibre known as Resistant Starch.

All elements combined, Teff has been found to; aid growth, assist weight control, contain natural anti-inflammatory properties, support the immune system, fight disease, increase heart health and bone health, promote overall gut health and control the symptoms of diabetes by helping to maintain blood sugar levels.

Teff Tribe

Cool, but what do you do with Teff? If the health benefits weren’t already impressive, wait until you see how Teff stacks up in the kitchen. Teff can be blended into a smoothie for added texture, or boiled whole to use as a rice substitute. It can be made into porridge for breakfast, or pancakes using our flour. It can be baked in a cake, sprinkled over a salad, and made into bread. Put simply, Teff is a substitute for almost any flour or grain recipe you can imagine.

In summary, Teff is a small seed with big benefits.


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