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Get Farmed! and support Aussie farmers

Get Farmed! and support Aussie farmers

Trends will always come and go, whether it's the latest fashion or technology our consumption levels are higher than ever.   

There is a global trend that's becoming more and more popular which has a positive outcome on our planet. Our food consumption!

More and more Australians are choosing plant proteins, which have a lower eco-footprint than animal products and are a sustainable source of nutrition, so it's now easier than ever to make a positive impact.

A preference for natural, simple and flexible diets have been driving the expansion of vegetarian and vegan diets globally, with a focus on sustainable production and reduced food miles. 

Get Farmed!, who's delicious YIPPEAS have featured in our Spring Box, have been at the forefront of supporting Australian Farmers while taking care of customers who have specific dietary requirements.

This is just one of the reasons why we love snacking on their YIPPEAS, which are a delicious gluten-free snack available in lime and cracked pepper or salt and vinegar. And the salt and vinegar YIPPEAS are suitable for vegans.

With a growing need from customers for products that cater to specific dietary requirements Get Farmed! has worked hard to create products that are both delicious and healthy.

Their mission is simple. Provide healthy, natural foods sourced locally with honesty, integrity and sustainability to support our Australian farmers. Their delicious ingredients are hand-selected for their goodness from a dedicated band of Aussie farmers a result, only the best are chosen from known sources.

The amazing thing is that the Get Farmed! team can tell you where every single ingredient comes from.

Get Farmed! Yippeas are a deliciously light, wholesome snack. Their Australian grown chickpea flour is blended with Australia yellow pea flour, extruded, gently tossed in a little Australian canola oil and lightly dusted with a delicate blend of Lime and Cracked Pepper or Sea Salt and Vinegar.

With new flavours in the pipeline that are being specifically developed to suit the growing dietary needs of Australian consumers, Get Farmed! continues to grow and innovate to provide to the needs of consumers...

So look out for Get Farmed! a small Australian brand with some big ideas to support Aussie farmers. To check out their website for more information simply head here:


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