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Tips on how to celebrate the moment, without alcohol

Tips on how to celebrate the moment, without alcohol

With the most festive part of the yer in full swing we chatted with David Andrew, Founder of Naked Life about his tips of getting the most out of this period of the year, with less of the alcohol.

Thanks to his Samoan roots, sharing moments is part of Dave’s DNA. Enabling everybody to partake in these moments without compromise on taste or health, has been a driving force for him whilst crafting the Naked Life drinks.

With lockdown behind us and the silly season at our doorstep, no doubt you will be hosting an event or two at yours. Part of hosting an event, big or small, is that you want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time. 60% of Australians have indicated wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption. Whether you are a sober or moderating host, or you want to make sure every single one of your guests feels included, it helps to make sure that those who don’t drink have the same experience as those who do opt for an alcoholic beverage.

Here are a few tips to redefine your moments:

- Provide options. Although a soda or lemon lime bitters can taste great, it is not always hitting the mark on a special occasion. There are today plenty of great non-alcoholic alternatives out there, that give the unmistakable taste of a drink you love but without the alcohol. Naked Life offers Australia’s largest range of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails and mixed drinks, there is something for everyone in the esky!

- Second to taste, the presentation can elevate the drink to feel much more special: Use great glassware. Think copa glasses, tumblers and wine glasses for a festive feel. In contrast to a can or bottle, drinks that are served in a glass allow for a greater olfactory sensation of the drink as your nose has better access to the aroma’s of the drink.

- Ice ice baby! Especially large ice cubes in different shapes: blocks or round ones. You can buy moulds at several department or kitchen specialty stores. The ice will melt less fast, and thus prevents watering down your drink.

- Go big on garnish. When serving (non-alcoholic) cocktails or soda’s, have some fresh fruit cut up. Wedges of lime, half moon of orange, strawberries or even orange can give a refreshing touch to your drink and make it look great!

- Decoration. If you like to create a real eye-catching drink, some decoration is a great idea. You have wonderful edible flowers that you can put on top. Or when serving a (non-alcoholic) G&T, think about juniper, star anise or pepper berries to add in.

- Lastly, consider hosting your event during the day. Your guests will be more fresh, active and alert. In addition, if you provide some entertainment like charades or other games it will help keep the guests entertained and get the conversations flowing.


Naked Life Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and Mixed Drinks is Australia's largest range of non-alcoholic ready-to- drinks. The 11 cocktails and amber-spirit inspired mixed drinks are created to cater Australia’s most popular bar calls. These award-winners are lovingly crafted with distilled botanicals for a unique flavour, but unmistakable taste. Apart from being non-alcoholic the drinks are sugar free and low in calories (8 or less per can).

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