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Why We Should Choose Safe Skincare

Why We Should Choose Safe Skincare

When it comes to choosing skincare products do you purchase based on what works for your skin regardless of the ingredients or do you consciously choose to use more natural products?

With more information out there than ever and a greater availability in the market, there's plenty of reasons to make the switch to cleaner skincare, especially if you're pregnant or planning to be, you'll want to be choosing pregnancy friendly products.  

Whether you realise it or not we are exposed to so many chemicals through the products we apply every day in our bathrooms, none of which you want to adversely affect your body.

That's why we love Bohemian Skin products, especially the Gel Cleanser which featured in our Winter Box!

Bohemian Skin is obsessed with safe skin care and have been developed to be the first Australian made and owned skin care products that are 100% suitable before, during and after pregnancy which covers all women no matter what stage of your life you're in. 

The entire skincare range has been developed by chemists using the highest quality Australian Certified Organic ingredients to ensure the best for you and your skin.

So when you pick up any of the Bohemian Skin range you'll notice that there will be no synthetic paraben preservatives, phthalates, sulphates, Aloe Vera, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Bohemian Skin will continue to bring all the products that your body needs to the market and if you want to learn more about their products head to their website:


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