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Why your body knows natural is best

Why your body knows natural is best

Here to bust the BS on B.O Pure Deo Co shed some light on why your body knows natural is best.

It’s a little-known fact that the use of a sweat inhibiting antiperspirant product sends your body into a state of hyperactive sweating below the skin surface when your body senses the need to cool down. As a result of this, it is easy to form the view that you need a heavy-duty antiperspirant product to restrict your sweating, because from the moment your antiperspirant starts to wear off, the flood gates open and at that moment you may be a heavy sweater.

The result of restricting sweat causes excessive sweating and the perception that the only thing that will protect you from the embarrassment of sweat patches and body odour is to pack your pores full of aluminium salts.... It is seldom realised that your antiperspirant is forcing your body to send signals to your brain reporting that “we need more sweat down here, activate the sweat glands”. There are many skin and body products that can cause a response on the cellular level to increase or decrease its natural processes usually to the detriment of your health.

Simply taking away this cause-and-effect relationship between the unnatural deodorant product and the body will see your body restore its innate state of homeostasis. You will sweat less because there is nothing restricting your natural cooling process. You will detoxify more efficiently without having a barrier of aluminium salts and trapped bacteria to penetrate. And you will not force your body to metabolise sweat and toxins via the lymph nodes and bloodstream.

So what do we do about body odour? Well for starters, if you have detoxified from using an antiperspirant (usually achieved by simply not using one for 7-14 days) you will no longer be sweating out trapped ‘plugs’ of day-old aluminium salts and trapped bacteria. That’s a large portion of the problem solved right there. From here on it’s all about the environment under your arms that dictates whether it emits an odour or not. B.O. is simply the formation of bacteria that thrives in the warm dark recess of your armpit that breaks down and produces thioalcohol. This is the source of the smell, and it can be likened to the scent of sulphur, onions or even meat. Oh gosh, we know that sounds yuck but stay with us here…

Body odour is best prevented by creating an armpit environment that is healthy and difficult for bacteria to thrive. Choose a natural deodorant that is rich in natural oils so that your skin stays nourished and the product will not wick away with sweat like it would with water-based products. Ingredients such as arrowroot, clays and charcoal will help you to feel dry, while active ingredients like magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and non-nano zinc oxide actively neutralise bacteria. Magnesium is a premium deodorant ingredient that provides the strongest odour neutralisation and is suitable for all skin-types. Good quality essential oils can enhance your deodorants effectiveness by providing antibacterial and antimicrobial support to your product.

Consider your approach to personal care by choosing products that support your natural processes rather than trying to restrict or override them, after all your body knows you best.


Pure Deo Co. are Australian manufacturers of clean, toxin-free personal care products, that focuses on producing luxury products with no single-use plastic packaging. We make super effective and reliable deodorants suitable for all skin types.

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