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Align your reflection with the moon

Align your reflection with the moon

The moon represents the most intimate sides of ourselves: our emotions, moods, instincts, feelings, memories and vulnerabilities. Cycling the earth every 29.5 days, she has many different phases during this journey, and with each lap, she’ll appear as a new moon and as a full moon. 

Both of these stages of the moon’s journey are laden with powerful energy, and provide incredible opportunity for new beginnings and release. As these two events operate on a cyclical nature, both the full and new moon offer a chance to create a series of reflection rituals. 

A new moon is the first phase of a new lunar cycle, bringing with it the energy and spirit of new beginnings and fresh slates. It’s also considered an optimum time for quiet inner reflection, allowing yourself the space to go inward, to become introspective, and get in touch with your goals. After reflection and with the harnessing of this new energy, you might plant a seed of creativity, set goals, intentions or start a new project. As the moon grows, so does her light; you can draw on this, building momentum for energy as you work towards your goals. 

Then just a short few weeks later, a full moon appears and she is obvious, she commands the sky, her glow illuminating all below her throughout the night. Just as her light is magnified during a full moon, so too are your emotions. Relics of unresolved feelings that usually linger in faraway parts of the mind are suddenly illuminated, brought hurtling to the forefront. Take note now, record what reveals itself, and enjoy the clarity. On the other side of the full moon, there is a release, it’s time to let go of what isn’t serving you, negative energies, experiences and emotions. As the light on the moon wanes, let those things fade away too.

Each phase of the moon’s cycle can be called upon for different rituals. Use the new moon to reflect and set intentions and the full moon for clarity and release, all the while taking note of how you feel at each stage of the cycle.


Create a lunar journaling ritual

Consider setting aside a journal that you use only for reflection and journaling during the new and full moon phases of the lunar cycle. At each stage, reflect on the below questions. Over time, you might start to find your own patterns and regularities that are particularly illuminating.

Journal prompts for the new moon

  • I would like to bring more … into my life…
  • This month I hope to…
  • This month I need…
  • Describe a big goal of yours...
  • What action can I take to move towards my goal?

Journal prompts for the full moon

  • What did I welcome into my life in the past two weeks? ​
  • The above made me feel…
  • What growth did I experience in the past two weeks?
  • This full moon I am feeling…
  • This month I release…
  • I can feel more connected to myself by...


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