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All Natural Face Cleansing Oils with Pure Body Luxe

All Natural Face Cleansing Oils with Pure Body Luxe

The team at Pure Body Luxe gives us a run down on why oil cleansing could help your skin concerns. 

Cleansing and hydrating the skin is at the top of everyone’s skincare regime. However, these two tasks may seem simple but we are constantly being sold products that promise to cleanse and hydrate, whereas they end up doing the complete opposite – leaving the skin dry, more inflamed and irritated than before. The solution: more and more people resort to all-natural face cleansing oils. Here’s why…a cleansing oil is a one step routine that maintains moisture in your skin while removing makeup and deeply cleansing your pores.  It does all of this whilst maintaining skin health and enabling skin to do its natural rebuilding!  The ultimate glow comes from within.  Best of all, it works for all skin types, for all ages, male and female.

Pure Body Luxe

The majority of ‘oil-free’ or ‘alcohol’ based facial cleansers act to remove/strip the natural oils present on the skin, kill bacteria, remove make-up and clean your skin. Some go on to say that their miracle formula would seemingly clear up common skin problems such as acne and inflammation. Right?

Well, not exactly.  The biggest culprits for skin concerns originate from stressing the normal balance and function of the skin and drying your skin.  This is exasperated by poor diet choices, hormonal imbalances, age and environmental factors.  So, using a cleanser that strips off the natural oils, kills the skin microbiome and leaves skin dehydrated, tight and itchy - is not a good start.  Long term, this will leave your skin dry, stripped of nutrition and prone to bad microbiota settling in.  This worsened dry state allows skin ageing to set in, making it easier for wrinkles and fine lines to form. In response to this, our skin overcompensates by producing more and more oil, which in turn contributes to further breakouts and irritation.  Harsher cleansing only contributes to the cycle.

Our skin’s natural oils are there for a reason. They work to protect the skin from environmental factors such as sun, temperature variation, wet and dry conditions, bad bacteria, fungus, mites and viruses. In order to keep the skin moisturised, glowing and healthy, these natural oils need to be managed in order to maintain balance in the skin.

Having a healthy clean skin with balanced skin microbiota can actually displace the bad bacteria, just like having a balanced level of good probiotics in your gut. Your skin is very clever as it fixes itself, repairs itself and protects the rest of your body from bad bacteria and viruses entering your body. 

Oil cleansing is accommodating to all skin types and all ages, allowing balance to be created and maintained, bringing the skin back to its natural state. The way this works is: oil dissolves oil. So, the best way to nurture your skin’s natural oils is to use natural oils when cleansing. Excess oils from makeup, sunscreen, sebum and sweat are attracted to the good oils in the cleanser, which works by drawing out and removing dirt, pollution and impurities to avoid blackheads and whiteheads before they get out of control. 

Oil cleansers are incredibly powerful in their effectiveness to remove any nasties from the skin and remove makeup gently. When massaging into your skin, you will notice how quickly and easily it breaks down makeup, mops up dust, pollution and any excess product on the face. This further reduces any chance of irritation to the skin.  The oils also lend themselves to soft massage in the areas of concern - another way that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles – making it the perfect step in any person’s skincare routine, even those suffering from sensitive skin conditions including rosacea, redness and acne. 

It is important to have the right combination of oils in an oil cleanser, as well as essential oils that are specific to your skin’s ultimate needs. These should be oils that have a low comedogenic rating, meaning they are less likely to clog the pores. The skincare range created by Pure Body Luxe includes 100% natural oils – with the right balance of carrier and essential oils – while maintaining an ingredient list with a low comedogenic rating. Their products are formulated from over 100 select botanical and essential oils (all sustainably sourced) to make their products. 

Each product uses the combined benefits of these oils to make the product function in a unique way. That said, all oil products are packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, F and K omegas 3, 6 & 9, oleic & linoleic fatty acids and essential minerals and all are amazingly effective for all skin types whether normal, dry, oily, sensitive, acne-prone or ageing.  

This method of cleansing can be done morning or night (or both) depending on your skin schedule and needs. It is also a great way to minimise the steps in your skincare routine, simply follow with your preferred serum for the AM or PM as the skin will be needing less product to rebalance its health and hydration.


The Pure Body Luxe natural oil product range of body and face oils were originally formulated as face and body moisturisers, but the range has been extended to include a compatible face cleanser, face serums, hand and body and hair shampoo.  It is incredibly versatile range providing functional, complimentary products for optimal healthy and nurtured skin. Each product has a unique colour, ingredient composition and aroma that is created in the same balance as a naturally perfumed aroma.  Their core philosophy is about enhancing and embracing natural beauty and provide products that functionally achieve this. 

You can check out Pure Body Luxe's full range of gorgeous skin treats on Pure Body Lux and follow them on Instagram or Facebook at  @purebodyluxe for more information about their products. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community:  RYMYSTERY for $10 off purchases over $50 until 28/01/21


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