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Behind the Biz(buzz) with Wild Bee

Behind the Biz(buzz) with Wild Bee

Join us as we chat with the founder of Wild Bee, Antony Adare about how Wild Bee came to be and how he keeps the momentum of a busy business going.

Wild Bee Skincare began with the purpose of helping to heal Aussies, and heal Australia at the same time. How? By supporting Earth’s pollinators, bees, which also happen to be the source of some of the most nutrient-rich, antioxidant-packed ingredients ever.

What made you start Wild Bee by Natural Life skincare?

My world has been everything ‘bee’s’ for more than 25 years. I have my own beehives and a range of ‘bee’ type products that I sell into health and pharmacy in Australia and around the world. This has put me in touch with many beekeepers and how wonderful, and demanding their world is.

I wanted to make a skincare range that supported local beekeepers and had a genuine ‘story’ to it. I love the land to skin concept and I love the interactions we have with beekeepers. They are amazing, hard working people that need our support as they are really up against it with climate change (fires & drought) and imported products. We have three beekeepers that we buy raw material from plus we donate 5% of sales back to the Save the Bees foundation in Melbourne.

Do you have a morning routine? If so what is it you do to set yourself up for the day ahead?

I exercise. I’m an early starter so depending on the day I either yoga, paddle boarding or walking.

What’s the biggest barrier you’ve found to succeeding as a socially conscious business?

Plastics! We are in the process of sourcing recycled ocean plastic packaging, but the cost and availability are proving difficult. I’m hoping that in years to come everything we do is as sustainable as possible. We have developed our relationships with beekeepers and our native extracts suppliers that have a social conscience and practice sustainability in their daily lives.

Why did you pick the ingredients you have chosen to work with?

All the ingredients we’ve chosen have a direct benefit to the skin in different ways. Nourishing, hydrating and reviving.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Focus on one thing and do it well! I’ve applied this work ethic to Wild Bee and with the suppliers we have, the proof is in the pudding ie. Bee-utiful, natural skincare with a social conscience!!

What’s next for you and Wild Bee by Natural Life skincare?

Focusing on creating more products to add to the range. Working with our native extracts suppliers to choose new plants extracts to benefit the skin and support our indigenous suppliers.

One book and/or documentary everyone should read/watch? Why?

Honey Land and that without them, life would be entirely different.

Are there any other Movers & Shakers out there in your world that you think people should know about?

Simon Mulvany – Save the Bees .

You can check out Wild Bee's full range of beautiful skincare on Wild Bee Skincare and follow them on Instagram or Facebook at @wildbeeskincare for more information about their products and ethos. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYMYSTERY10% off online until 29/01/2021


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