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How to Choose the Right Self-Tan

How to Choose the Right Self-Tan

With less sunny days in winter, our weekends can easily be spent rugged up inside avoiding the cold, pining for that summer glow we have in the warmer months. 

These days the health risks associated with tanning are well known and with the popularity of sunless tanning products on the rise, it leaves us asking one question.

How do I choose the right self tanning product for year round use? 

Well we're going to share with you our tips for what we look for when choosing self tanning products, so you can confidently rock that summer glow year round!

One of the key ingredients you'll find in most self tan products is a Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA) active component. This is the ingredient in tanning formulas that creates the darkening effect you instantly notice on your skin.

DHA is usually a non-harmful substance, but it can react differently on some skin types and for those with sensitive skin DHA may cause irritation, redness or even a rash, which is something we want to avoid when going for a subtle glow!

So we look for tanning products that have a naturally derived DHA Tan Active like MineTan, which we featured in our Winter Box.

MineTan products are made from a combination of powerful antioxidants such as botanical fruit extracts and silky amino acids, which help the tan develop faster, absorb deeper into the skin and create a dark natural colour that lasts longer.

The combination of these natural ingredients and nutrient rich botanicals also provides multiple benefits for the skin including moisturising antioxidants to boost the skin’s glow, which means you can be rocking that gorgeous colour for longer.

The best way to apply a self tanner is by using a tanning mitt like the Bronze On Applicator Mitt from your Winter Box.

The mitt will help you to apply a flawless, streak-free finish while protecting your hands from staining and it's re-useable so once you're done just pop it in the washing machine!

Using the mitt is simple, just use a small amount of your MineTan on the mitt and apply to your body in small, circular motions making sure to blend any streaks away. If you're after a natural colour just apply a light layer of tan and for a darker colour you can apply another coat. 

MineTan also contains no parabens and is animal and vegan-friendly with PETA-approved ingredients. There's also no orange tones and much less of a fake tan smell which means you can go undetected whether you apply it day or night. 

To learn more about MineTan's products or for tips and tricks to the perfect sunless tan, head to their website:


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