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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

Exclusive RY Mystery Box Discount Codes!

Exclusive RY Mystery Box Discount Codes!

We hope you enjoyed your January Mystery Box! It is always such a fun time for us when we get to pack these boxes and this time round we managed to create over 11 different combinations of products!

Some of the amazing brands that featured in our boxes have been kind enough to offer you exclusive RY only discount codes to their products. So if you missed out on a product or found a new one you absolutely love, you can get saving with these discount codes. 

Cinnamon & Clove - Shampoo bars

Natural, organic and fair trade ingredients are used when Cinnamon & Clove hand make their soaps in small batches. You'll also be pleased to know that their products are all palm oil free, with no synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives. 

Use code RETREATMB for 10% OFF any online purchase until 30/06/20. To shop Cinnamon & Clove products online, click here

Skintox - Face masks
This Melbourne based skincare brand offers an entire range which is designed with simplicity in mind to detoxify your skin from the outside, in. They use simple ingredients, simple steps, for real results.

Use code 
 To shop Skintox skincare products online, click here.

Guna Natural - Skin serums, scrubs, oils and balms

Guna Natural is a non-toxic, natural, beautiful and high performing skincare range. They utilise quality natural ingredients and combine them with a rich historical pedigree, bringing you distinctive products that don’t cost the earth. It's self-care and simplicity without compromise.

Use code RY10 for 10% online orders until 29/02/20. To shop Guna Natural skincare products online, click here

Mikash Skincare - Cleansing grains

Mikash Skincare use ethically sourced and certified organic ingredients when they create their products like volcanic ash, clays, cold pressed oils, unrefined butters and essential oils. 

They avoid harsh chemicals, emulsifiers, preservatives or any synthetic ingredients in their of our skincare. Everything is handcrafted in small batches to ensure their skincare delivers healthy glowing skin.

Use code MIKASH20 for 20% OFF storewide on orders $70 and over. To shop Mikash Skincare products online, click here.

Go Good - Organic plant protein powders

Using premium protein, organic flavours, 100% natural and plastic free, from the inside out, Go Good have built their range of whey and pea protein powders around a simple principle: goodness in, good times out.

Use code RY20OFF for 20% OFF your entire online order (one use per customer). To shop Go Good protein powders online, click here.

One Minute Snaxx - Banana bread

One Minute plant-based snacks, like the banana bread in our Mystery Box, is keto friendly, low carb, vegan friendly and gluten free! They're an easy and quick snack that are perfect for any time of the day. 

Use code RETREAT for 20% OFF storewide until 28/02/20. To shop One Minute Snaxx products online, click here

Mint.S Body - Face scrub 

Mint.s Body skin care is mixed full of natural raw Australia ingredients that are carefully chosen to revive, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Handcrafted in the heart of Newcastle, they support natural, Australian, handcrafted, local, vegan friendly and no animal testing on their products.

Use code RETREATCHOC to receive 20% off their Chocolate Kokonut Face Scrub. To shop Mint.S skincare online, click here.

Skinfood New Zealand - Mud mask, gel cleanser and light moisturiser 

New Zealand made Skinfood products are naturally based and use the best bioactive extracts to help promote beautiful skin using essential oils and extracts from foods and plants found in nature.

They don't test on animals and their products are made using sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging. They’re also free from parabens, genetically modified ingredients, sulphates, artificial colours, nano ingredients, dioxins, triclosan, toxic minerals, sodium laurel sulphate (sls), sodium laureth sulphate (sles), harsh detergents, propylene glycol.

Use code RY20 for 20% OFF all online orders until 31/03/20. To shop Skinfood NZ skincare online, click here

Pureheaven - Skincare products

Cruelty free and naturally vegan skincare, Pureheaven creates soaps, cleansers and bath products free from nasties including parabens and sulphates, making them suitable for the most sensitive of skin. 

They are passionate about providing natural, cruelty free skincare and their charcoal and pink clay mud cleanser, green tea body lotion, Manuka honey and vanilla body lotion, rose and musk body lotion and the french lavender body lotion were just some of the products you may have come across in your Mystery Box.

Use code MYSTERY10 for 10% OFF until 31/03/20. To shop Pureheaven skincare online, click here

Hilbilby - FiRE TONiC

FiRE TONiC is organic, raw, cultured / fermented, homemade, whole food, real food, grown or foraged, paleoesque and or gaps friendly.

Adapted from a traditional Folk Remedy and handmade in Torquay (on the Surf Coast), Fire Tonic is a raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) tincture, live with the Mother of Vinegar and other fresh, seasonal locally sourced organic ingredients.

Use code MYSTERY10 for 10% OFF until 31/03/20. To shop Hilbillby products online, click here

BARE By Bauer - Biodegradable Toothbrushes and Cotton Buds

Aussie owned BARE uses only real ingredients. They're free from chemicals, preservatives, parabens, artificial fragrances or colours, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free and are 100% natural.

They're blended with love to support your body’s innate healing abilities so that everyone can embrace mother nature’s goodness.

Use code BARELOVER20 for 20% OFF your first order (valid for all BARE by Bauer products excluding value packs and gift cards). To shop BARE by Bauer products online, click here

Clémence Organics - Luxury organic skincare

Clemence Organics use naturopathic principles to create nourishing, non-toxic skincare while maintaining a commitment to the planet’s health, through recyclable packaging and ingredients which are not harmful to the environment.

Their products are free from parabens, potassium sorbate, PEGs, nanoparticles, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), ammonium laurel sulfate (ALS), petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, phthalates, formaldehyde and genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

Use code RY20 for 20% OFF your first order until 31/03/20. To shop Clemence Organics skincare online, click here

Baller Blends - Cookie dough-licious protein ball blend

Made from 100% natural ingredients the cookie dough-licious Baller Blends requires almost zero cooking skills. All you’ve have do is pour, stir in H20 and your favourite sweetener and roll. 

Use code RETREAT for 20% OFF until 15/07/20.  To shop Baller Blends treats online, click here

Aqua de Vida - Anti-Wrinkle Super Serum

This natural, vegan and cruelty free skin care range by Aqua de Vida will leave your skin feeling healthy, glowing and youthful.

They truly believe that the fundamental basis of good skin comes from proper skincare tailored to your skin type, whether that’s dry, oily, combination, ageing or sensitive skin. At Aqua de Vida there is something for everyone and their goal is to make everyone who uses their products look and feel their very best.

Use code RY15 for 15% OFF plus FREE shipping Aus-wide until 09/02/20. To shop Aqua De Vida skincare online, click here.

Lariese - Purely organic skincare

Lariese products are Kosher certified, cruelty free accredited, palm oil free and most of the range is vegan-friendly. 

Their products are also free from nasties such as sodium laurel sulphate, aluminium, ammonia, parabens, propylene glycol, peg, silicones, mineral oils, petrolatum, petrochemical cleansers, phenoxyethenol, phthalates, EDTA, DEA, MEA, TEA, urea (imidazolidinyl) & dmdm hydantoin, methylisothializone, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances and nano particles such as titanium dioxide.

So you can rest assured that their Ethereal Moisturiser, Energise Foaming Cleanser, Esperance Shower & Hand Gel or their Enlighten Cream Cleanser which featured in some of our Mystery Boxes will leave your skin feeling amazing. 

Use code RETREATVIP for 20% OFF your first order. To shop Lariese products online, click here


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