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Natural oral care without skipping the fluoride

Natural oral care without skipping the fluoride

Grants of Australia tell us about fluoride and how it you can still include it in your oral care whilst taking a natural route!

Today we are seeing more and more people reducing their toxic load and becoming interested in chemical-free alternatives for everyday products – especially those products that go in our mouths. It is now widely accepted that we don’t need synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients such as SLS and parabens to achieve a dazzling smile, and thus the natural oral care category in Australia is growing.

This is not to say fluoride has had its day – in fact, there are many Australians who want a natural toothpaste that’s free from nasties but also includes fluoride: some people might be just starting their natural oral care journey, some may opt for it if their drinking water isn’t fluoridated, and others may be under dentist’s orders or simply prefer fluoride. It really is about personal choice when it comes to toothpaste and fluoride!

The folks at Grants of Australia think it’s wonderful to see more people taking an interest in what they’re putting into their bodies and their impact on the environment. They also advocate for choice, which is why they added their very first natural toothpaste with fluoride to the range earlier this year; Fresh Mint with Fluoride.

Since 1984 when their first batch of toothpaste came off the production line, Grants’ mission to provide families with an Australian-made, affordable and natural toothpaste, holds true. They’ve worked hard over the years to evolve their products and today are pleased to offer a range 10 toothpaste flavours to satisfy a variety of taste and ingredients preferences, bamboo toothbrushes and mouthwash.

Fluoride has always been a divisive topic, but it’s good to know there is now an Australian-made option that caters for those who want it in their toothpaste, but don’t want to compromise on natural ingredients.  

You can check out Grants of Australia's extensive range of oral care on Grants of Australia and follow them on Instagram or Facebook a @grantsofaustralia for more information about their products.


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