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Nootropics 101 with Shine

Nootropics 101 with Shine

When we're feeling that 3pm exhaustion about to hit we'd be lying if we said we weren't heading into the kitchen to make a coffee. 

But there are other ways to give us that extra boost of energy when we need it, like the Shine+ drink which features in our Autumn Box. 

The Shine drink is chock full of natural nootropics, low sugar and a tasty Ginger Lemon flavour, the Shine+ 100ml Shot is the perfect health drink to sharpen your mind on-the-go.

You might be wondering what nootropics are? Don't worry, we weren't well versed in the area of nootropics either until the team at Shine enlightened us, so read on to learn a little more about the benefits... 

Take it away Shine!

"For centuries humans have used caffeine as a tool to increase performance. Our love and need for it carved its way into our culture and social behaviour. Making coffee and tea so ever popular. But soon after that first cup, the awaken mirage fades away leaving behind a state of fatigue and a need for more. So we have another espresso to do the trick, and the cycle goes on and on. 

Living in fast-paced cities the pursuit of a perfect work-life balance can get the best of anyone. Our calendars packed, trying to squeeze and use every last drop of time only to be able to get it all done. Which makes a simple cup of tea not enough for a society with ambition and drive. 

Our desire for a source to help us make great things happen leads us to look for alternatives. We try out meditation, gyms, books, gurus, podcasts, brain training... Anything to conjure a way for us to up our performance. Hoping to find an alternative that won’t give us the jitters during our business meeting... While searching for the next big thing we've stumbled upon nootropics. 

Nootropics are compounds shown to reduce fatigue, assist focus, boost creativity, optimize brain function and improve memory. Gingko Biloba, caffeine and L-Theanine are amongst the most popular. You can find them in vitamins, coffee or green tea. They share similar benefits but tend to work at their best consumed together. The keyword here is together because consumed in a perfect match highlights their benefits. This is why a pairing of caffeine with L-Theanine will provide energy and focus yet it won't produce that crashing sensation a cappuccino does.

For this reason, they've become very popular between Wall Street, universities, and Silicon Valley. 

To choose which ones to consume and how to can easily become extensive research. One that most don’t have the time for. In 2016, our team hit the lab and developed a nootropic drink which was healthy, tasty and contained natural ingredients - creating Shine. 

5,000 retailers later, we continue to strive to help people think better, feel better and do better. So next time you find yourself before an important game, pitching session, or before an exam have a go for a Shine!"

For more information on Shine+ and nootropics visit and for an exclusive RY discount use the code SHINERYB at checkout for 10% off storewide (expires 1/7/2020). The code applies to their entire range, including their 400ml drinks (including their new Blueberry Lemonade flavour!). 


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