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Ten days of self-care rituals

Ten days of self-care rituals

2020 and 2021 have been difficult times, with all of us being affected in some way, shape, or form. That's why we asked the team at ORGANIC INDIA Australia to put together some self-care rituals for the next ten days to encourage you to relax, reflect, rest, and unwind.

Make a cleansing drink
Hot water with a slice of fresh lemon helps to re-balance the PH levels in the body, supports immunity, promotes digestion, and increases the metabolic rate. Tulsi Original, Tulsi Lemon Ginger and Tulsi Cleanse are also purifying day starters.

Listen to your inner voice
Listening is a powerful healing tool so take the time to listen to yourself. Our inner voice has a barometer that helps to balance and restore us.
Grab a notebook and pen, sit somewhere quiet by yourself and write whatever your inner voice wants to say. 

Move your body
A 15-minute walk outside is enough to top up your Vitamin D levels and be restorative. Make sure to stop and take in your view for a few minutes, listen to sounds (or the silence) and breathe deeply. Try taking Tulsi Green Tea Ashwagandha with you to help boost your energy and vitality.

Take a restorative bath
Fill the tub and treat yourself to some magnesium salts or a luxurious bath soak. Soak for as long as you need to relax.

The digital detox challenge
Turn off your phone and all digital devices that distract you for a few hours or enjoy a peaceful beep-free evening. Doing this detox regularly is a very healthy habit to establish.

Eat with awareness
Try savouring every mouthful, taking your time to really connect with the flavour. A Buddhist once said “drink your food and chew your drink”. Try this at your next meal – and as often as you remember from now on.

Strike a pose
Try Hatha Yoga postures, breathing through tension and releasing stagnant energy with a few simple twists and bends. If a few spare minutes arise, try to insert a few nourishing poses and breathe slowly as you do.

Plan ahead
Prepare or arrange your schedule to make the coming days easier –write a list, schedule a realistic amount of time to complete it or delegate a few tasks that would help reduce the rush allowing you to savour the moments.

Your breath is an invitation into this moment. An accessible ‘go to’ stress reliever, some slow, deep, and complete breaths can nourish the nervous system and calm or focus the mind. Try being more aware of your breath today.

Moon gazing
Take time to look at our beautiful moon. Moon gazing can help bring us into the present moment and simply be. And, bonus – womenfolk for centuries have used moon gazing to help regulate the female hormonal cycle. Try taking Tulsi SLEEP outside with you to soothe and relax before heading to bed. 


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