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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

Really, are you anywhere but here? Now?

Really, are you anywhere but here? Now?

It's easy done, isn't it?

To get stuck thinking of the past, the what if's. 

Or to wander into the future, trying to predict the what if's too. 

But no matter how much of now, of this moment, we spend in the past or future, we'll never actually get there. 

We'll never be able to go backwards. And, while we certainly can go forward, we can't do so in the leaps and bounds that our minds take us. 

All we have is now, and now, and now. Every second is now. 

And so ask yourself, how often are you present?

Present in the right now. 

How often do you take in your surroundings, the sights, the sounds, the touch, the smell, the taste of the now? 

Be honest, and we'll be real too. It isn't as much as we'd like it to be, is it? 

We go for a run and plug music into our ears. 

We go for a drive, and the heavy burden of the never-ending to-do list takes our minds for a rollercoaster. 

We meet for brunch, and our phones vibrate our attention away from the person in front of us. 

We are present for some of it, but rarely all of it. 

And it's a shame because the now is the only real time you can live in. 

The technology of the modern world clouds the present; it makes it harder for us to find what is right now. But if you practise looking, practise being, practise hearing, tasting, smelling and seeing, if you can do all that, then you can stand in the now. Stand in the present. 

Look around you; what a wonderful place to have found yourself.

Now. Be present.


  • Nomes

    If there’s anything the last couple of years being in and out of lockdowns has taught me is that there is no better place to be than present in the moment. We’re always rushing from here to there and back again. We miss important things we love because we’re so “busy” doing absolutely nothing that couldn’t be done another time. This time has taught me to give back to myself, discover who I am again. Without refilling my cup of self I was unable to give on to those who need me too.

    Thanks Team for giving me the tools that help me achieve that time I need for me.

  • Tracey

    I have crystals which I sometimes put in my hand and just concentrate on the texture, crevices, cracks and dents. It brings me back to the present.

  • I am on Holidays and taking time for Me. I am staying In An Amazing Cabin Near MONTVILLE QLD. I Am Hearing Birds Singing And Watching The Sunset Over An Awesome Vista. SPA BATH..FIREPLACE....This Is 2 Nights Of Self Loving..self Care And Remeeting Me

    I am on a 2 day self care..self love stay at an amazing place near Montville Qld. I have been dreaming of this for months.
    As the sun sets over a range nearby, the cooling air beckons me inside to a fire and a deep spa bath.
    I am so so grateful for this time to re meet and re love me.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you so much for the timely reminder of what is important and it is the now,I cannot change the past or indeed the future,but I can now do something now,after I finish here I am doing something that is relaxing ,and enjoyable on this gorgeous sunfilled day of spring and I will make every second count.thank you so much

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