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So what does a year from now look like?

So what does a year from now look like? If we can tell you one thing with absolute certainty, it's that one year from now, you will not be the same person that you are now.

How could you be? With 365 days, each with 24 hours and 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds of life between now and then, how on earth could you be the same person you are today.

So if growth change is inevitable, why not choose to make that change growth. And it's that small fact that makes this whole thought a pretty incredible one in itself. That fact that you can choose to grow as you change, as you age, as you experience more life, is the most crucial choice of all.

Choose growth, embrace growth, chase growth. For if you try to stay exactly as you are, what on earth is the point? There is no final place in life, no perfect point. There is always something new to consider, another path to travel that will expand you in new and unexpected ways.

But know that while this conscious choice is so important, have no illusions that it will always be easy or painless. Growth is difficult; sometimes it forces you to face ugly things; it forces you to turn yourself inside out and put yourself back together, all for the purpose of knowing yourself deeply, wholly.

A year from now, you won't be the same. So choose growth, so to explore new avenues of yourself, to expand, to be reborn, over and over again.


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