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So what is skin layering?

So what is skin layering?

With lots of different conflicting advice out there and so many products to choose from, it can be daunting knowing how to create a skincare regime for your own needs and in which order to apply products for the most benefit. So to help, we sat down with The Jojoba Company to help explain it all!

When ordering your skincare regime, the rule of thumb is thinnest to thickest. Always apply the product with the thinnest consistency first and finish with the one that is thickest. When it comes to thin products, think of your hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and AHA water-based serums compared to your thickest products, such as your rich, thick occlusive night creams. Everything else can be layered between these.

Skin products can generally be classified as either humectants, emollients or occlusives, each with a different function in the skin, so it is essential to include each of these in your regime to bind, support and protect the skin.

Humectants are water-loving ingredients! Think deeply hydrating components like your AHAs, Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. They work by pulling moisture from the air; these water-magnets help keep the top layer of your skin hydrated. Like a binding agent, humectants draw, retain and bind hydration and skin. This should always be your first step in your regime after cleansing.

Emollients are your middle step helping to replenish the moisture and nutrients in your skin. These ingredients are often oil-rich components, think fatty acids, lipids, esters, oils and butters. From argan oil, olive oil, Shea Butter to rosehip oil and jojoba, these all fall under the emollient umbrella. This step allows you to treat dry or flaky skin, leaving you feeling smooth and soft. Helping support and replenish your skin barrier, emollients work best when applied after your humectant step or on wet skin. Facial oils act as your emollient step, so, whether you have dry and dehydrated skin, oily and acne-prone, mature and ageing concerns, sensitive and irritated or normal skin, choose a targeted facial oil to give your skin the tools to help itself.

Your occlusive step comes in the form of a moisturiser. Helping to lock in all the powerful ingredients in the previous steps, an occlusive creates a powerful barrier helping to keep all the goodies in and all the pollutants out, preventing water and moisture loss. It is important to choose an occlusive that won’t block the pores, still allowing the skin to breathe.

Clean skin is always step one when it comes to the perfect regime. Always start with a fresh base. Apply your skincare to damp skin as it absorbs 10x better when damp. Try spritzing your skin with a mist in between steps and always wait 30 – 60 seconds between each step to allow the product to soak in.

Don’t forget to complete your morning routine with a high-quality SPF. If you are using a chemical SPF, use it before your occlusive moisturising step. If you are using a mineral based barrier SPF (usually zinc based) always use it after your occlusive moisturising step as your very last step.


The Jojoba Company is an Australian owned and made, natural skin care company producing products based around the remarkable qualities of pure jojoba grown on the family “Beresford” Farm in Yenda, in South Western NSW. Since the brand’s inception in 2008, The Jojoba Company has been deeply committed to its promise of creating safe, sustainable, ethical and effective natural skin care – free from nasties which deliver transformative skin results naturally, for all skin types, ages and concerns. The Jojoba Company’s hope for their customers is to give people back control of their skin.

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