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What does rest mean to you?

What does rest mean to you?

What does rest mean to you?

Is it getting six hours of sleep? Is it allowing yourself to wake up without an alarm? Is it just going to sleep, whenever that happens?

Our bodies need rest, true nourishing rest, to really function at their highest potential. But too often we don't actually let ourselves really rest or even prioritise good rest. 

So, when you are tired, do you actively do something about it? Or, do you let your eyes grow numb with the constant scroll of social media and drag your weary mind and body to bed at some point in the evening?

Sometimes your eyes need a rest, your emotions need a rest, your brain needs a rest and your body needs a rest, all at once.

Sure, sleep is such an important element of rest, but it has to be good quality sleep and it isn't the only solution when you are feeling exhausted.

Things you can do:

- Hand the mental load over

If it's possible, take a break from the decision making. Even if it's just for one task like grocery shopping or cooking for the week. Taking that one thing off your list will give your brain space to breathe. It'll give you a blissful extra hour in the evening not deciding what is on the menu. 

- Choose slow, gentle movement

Even if you are a fan of high intensity exercise, it can be the last thing you feel like doing when you bone-deep tired. When you feel like this, listen to your body. Don't go for the 10km run, or to the HIIT class. Instead, take yourself out in nature, leave your phone at home and just get out there for 15 minutes. Watch the leaves blow in the breeze and breathe the fresh air.  

- Quieten your mind

Work, family, friends, the world, responsibilities, they're all a beautiful combination that make your life, but they can get loud sometimes. So when you are feeling exhausted (the kind of tired that means you can't even call your best friend) lay down and listen to a meditation. Focus on only your breathe and keep going until you get to a state of mental blankness. 

- Ditch the screens

We are serious about this one. Just for one hour, put the phone down, give your poor eyes a rest. Do anything else, or do nothing else, both are good options. Being present is a state we are finding ourselves in less and less. So stop living in the past, the future, or the land of social media and just be where you are right now. 


  • Chloe

    Love this article!
    Just a gentle reminder that you need to look after yourself first xx

  • Dianne

    So true. Being in a state of constant “alert” is exhausting.
    I had a 30 min walk in nature today..watching the wind in the trees.
    I felt so energised afterwards.

  • Michaela

    Great reminders! Sleep sleep sleep. Rest. Quiet my mind…

  • Lesley

    I should do all of these. I will do at least one.
    I will prioritise my rest and sleep.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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