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Why ' Rise'.

Why ' Rise'.

As we began to dream up the 'Rise' retreat, we knew from deep down in our bones that we wanted it to inspire hope. After the challenges of the last two years, we wanted this retreat to encourage you to seize every moment. To wake up each day feeling alive, grateful and happy. We created the 'Rise' retreat to remind you that you are so powerful, that you already control the narrative of your life and that you can dream up big goals, chase them and meet them. The 'Rise' retreat is here to inspire you to see each day as what it truly is, a beautiful new opportunity full of possibility.

Throughout the early years of life, there is so much change, so much growth, so much to learn and do and experience. But as we get older, somewhere along the way, we lose the lust for reaching into the unknown. We instead find comfort in the known, in routine. This settling brings security and safety, and if you look back through the routine, there aren’t as many blips  on the map. All that routine is one long, monotonous straight line. But those blips, those moments of excitement, moments when you took a risk, did the crazy thing, pushed yourself and met your goals, are what make life magical. And those moments are the times when you rose to the challenge. 

So why ‘Rise’? Because the life of your imagination does exist, everything you’ve ever wanted to do is well within your grasp. All those “maybe one day” or “I really wish I coulds” can still become part of your life. Everything within the ‘Rise’ retreat edition has been thoughtfully created to remind you that you are capable of what you dream. Every morning you wake, you are given a gift; a brand new day, a completely new beginning, another opportunity to live the life of your dreams. To rise is to wake each morning and accept that challenge. It’s to believe in yourself, it’s to stand tall in your power, and it’s to go out there, reach into the unknown and make it all your own reality.

Anything is possible; you just have to rise up and reach for it.


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