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A different kind of digital detox

A different kind of digital detox

Social media gets a bad rap, but it has its beautiful benefits. Our phone connects us to hobbies, passions and people we love, particularly when we’ve intentionally curated our social media platforms to do so. But when was the last time you considered the people, places and things that fill up your feed?

This digital detox is like spring cleaning for your mind. Start by considering: how do you typically feel after a social media scroll? Inspired, creative, enlightened? Or do you feel twinges of envy, negativity, self-doubt and discontent? Perhaps it’s a mix of both, completely dependent on what you happen to see. 

In this ritual, we intentionally re-curate your social media feed — building a digital environment that makes you feel wonderful and inspired, rather than sinking you into spirals of negativity and frustration. It’s a new kind of digital detox.


Feelings: Feel refreshed, feel mindful.

Time required: 30 minutes per social media platform.

What you’ll need: Your phone; and time for reflection.


  1. Consider which social media apps you spend the most time on. Identify one (or many) you will use to complete this ritual. You will be muting, removing and unfollowing what doesn’t serve you, and replacing it with content that sparks inspiration, creativity and joy.
  1. Consider the competitors, influencers, celebrities and friendships that fill your digital social circle. Quietly ‘mute’ or unfollow people who make you feel less-than-wonderful about yourself. It’s a breath of fresh air to stop the comparison train in its tracks.
  1. Reflect on the type of content that makes you feel inspired; perhaps something related to your hobby sparks ideas and motivation. Intentionally place yourself inside those social media circles, and fill your feed with what feels good.


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