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A mindful walk in nature - 60 mins

A mindful walk in nature - 60 mins

How often do you head out for a walk, phone in hand, headphones in your ears and absorbed by a podcast or music? There’s nothing wrong with doing this - it’s enjoyable and is a perfect activity for ‘you time’, however in this Retreat Ritual you’ll be leaving the phone and headphones at home, and going out for a walk in nature - completely technology free.

Why? Because while it’s enjoyable to listen to music or a good podcast, in doing so, we miss the simple beauty and moments in the world around us. As a society we’ve become so dependent on our phones. It’s almost like a safety blanket for when we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations. We end up missing out on opportunities to connect with ourselves and other people.

This Retreat Ritual is about slowing down and connecting with nature and yourself. You may feel uncomfortable at first, leaving your phone at home, but we promise that by the end of the walk, you’ll be glad you left it behind.

Feelings: Feel connected, feel alive.

Time required: An hour.

What you’ll need: A keep cup of sorts, with a delicious warm drink inside. We recommend our 'And Exhale' Collapsible Keep Cup from the Winter ‘Breathe’ Retreat Box.


  1. Wrap yourself in something warm, grab your Retreat Yourself Collapsible Cup (filled with a delicious, warming beverage) and head outdoors - preferably to a local park, or a beach. Make sure you leave your phone and any other technology at home - this is key to this Retreat Ritual.
  2. As you embark on your walk, remember to do so slowly. This isn’t a walk to get the heart rate up, but more to slow down and connect.
  3. Notice everything around you - what can you hear? Are there birds chirping, people laughing? What can you feel? The ground under your feet, the wind on your skin? What can you smell? Can you smell the wintery scent of fires burning? Really engage the senses here. Say hello and smile at people as they walk by, even if this isn’t reciprocated.
  4. Breathe long, and deeply as you walk.
  5. Once you’ve finished, notice how you feel. Are you feeling grounded and connected? Do you feel more connected to yourself and the earth?
Schedule this practice into your regular activities as a way to disconnect to reconnect.


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