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Create a home haven

Create a home haven

How often do you look around your space, see something that makes you feel less-than-good, and think: ‘I’ll deal with it later’? 

We forget how much our physical space affects our mental space; our environment plays a massive part in our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Surrounding ourselves with messy to-do’s feels stressful when we’re trying to rest; cabinets and corners that work against us build up frustration and stress. 

It’s only when we clear out those little messes and distractions that we realise how refreshing and rejuvenating it feels to have a space that looks and feels amazing. That’s something that is unique and personal to each of us, whether you love a warm, friendly home filled with art and mementos, or a clear, calm space with a minimalist effect. There’s no one way that works, just what works for you.

So, take a moment to consider: how close is your current space to that ideal? Is there a spot in your home that could really use some love, so you feel like yourself in that space again? In this Retreat Ritual, we’ll help you reconnect with your space through two stages: the clear out and the rebuild. Take this time to turn your home into a space you love, so you have the mental space to find calm and thrive. 

Feelings: Feel calm, feel centred.

Time required: 1 to 2 hours, or as much time as you can dedicate.

What you’ll need: A space you love to spend time in.


  1. Choose the space to focus on. You don’t have to take the biggest bite; you may not have time for a whole room. You may decide to focus on a cosy reading nook, a designated space for relaxing and unwinding, or a drawer that has potential to serve you so much better. If you have more time, feel free to complete the ritual room by room. Listen to your instinct about which space needs it most. 
  1. Begin with the clear out. Pick up and sort through every item in your chosen space; what can you remove, donate or reduce to create more space for what you love? Are you holding on to things because you want, need and love them, or because you have guilt or fear around getting rid of it? Keep what truly brings joy; remove what contributes to clutter and feelings of anxiety.
  1. It’s time for the rebuild. What do you need in this space to serve your needs? Are you aiming for relaxation, less frustration, or pleasing-to-the-eye? Maybe you need jars and shelves for an organisational space, so using your things is easier. Maybe a warm, cosy blanket and throw pillow would make relaxing on the couch feel so much more decadent. Maybe a calming scent would allow you to breathe deep and find calm, or the right piece of art would make you savour time spent in the space. Lead this process with reflection, not impulse.
  1. You’ve finished. Sit, breathe, take it all in. How does this space make you feel now? How have the physical changes affected the mental? 
  1. Repeat this ritual when you have that instinctual feeling that something in your home is not quite right. Use this process slowly, surely, steadily to create a home haven - a place that feels amazing to return to each day, where you feel centred and at peace, not stressed. Your home is your safe space, and you deserve to feel wonderful.


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