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Romanticise your life

Romanticise your life

"Romanticising your life" is an approach that transforms the ordinary of your everyday, into the extraordinary. It allows you to see the beauty in the mundane, and empowers you to weave moments of magic into your ‘daily grind’. 

In making this simple mindset shift, you learn to appreciate the simple moments that often go unnoticed. You find charm in your morning coffee ritual, magic in your morning commute, and inspiration in the quiet moments. 

It's a way of living that enriches your daily experiences, making you more present and deeply connected with the world around you.

By romanticising the ordinary, you create a life that feels more nourishing and joyful. You become more present, acknowledging and appreciating the beauty in the basic ins and outs of every day.

In this Retreat Ritual, we’ll be doing some reflective journaling, and you’ll be practising this mindset shift that has the power to transform your every day.


Feelings: Feel joy, feel grateful

Time required: 60 mins

What you’ll need: A pen and paper


  1. Write about a regular day in your life, but describe it as if it were a chapter in a novel. Focus on the details and find beauty in the mundane.
  2. List down small, everyday moments that you often overlook. How can you find joy or beauty in these?
  3. Have a think about anything else you could do to romanticise your life - could you take the long way to work, so that you appreciate the view of a beach or mountain on your journey? Could you buy yourself flowers every Sunday, and take a moment to appreciate these every morning? What are some simple, yet profound activities you can weave into your life.
  4. Over this next week, practice being present in your daily doings. Express gratitude for the little things, and be mindful of the stories your mind tells you about your life.


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