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5 Simple Habits For Glowing Skin with Renae Redgen, Founder of Deeto

5 Simple Habits For Glowing Skin with Renae Redgen, Founder of Deeto

Renae is a university qualified Nutritionist with a love for science-based natural health. Her main passion is educating and empowering the women around her to reach optimal health by making simple changes to their diet and lifestyle. Hence why she created her beautiful brand, Deeto

Have you found that your skincare routine isn’t quite giving you the vibrancy and luminescence that you’re seeking? When it comes to our complexion, the skin, the body’s largest organ, reflects what’s happening on the inside too. That’s right, glowing skin is an inside job!

Renae has shared with us these 5 simple habits we can implement daily to achieve healthy, glowing skin: 

1. Boost Your Omega-3s

Good quality fats, particularly those rich in omega-3s, are important for healthy skin and a dewy glow! Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in nature. Studies have shown that specific forms of dietary omega-3 fats can improve skin barrier function, inhibit UV-induced inflammation and hyperpigmentation. 

Daily tip: Boost your intake of foods like fatty cold-water fish (salmon, trout, sardines). Plant-based sources include hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and algae like chlorella or spirulina - two staple ingredients found in Wonderwild

2. Focus on Fermentable Fiber 

Fermentable fibres, or prebiotics, are compounds that aren’t digested by the body. Instead, they are fermented by the beneficial gut bacteria in our large intestines. These fibres are the food that helps our good bacteria to grow and thrive. The fermentation process also releases powerful anti-inflammatory molecules called Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs). This positively changes our microbiome, which in turn improves our skin through a pathway called the “Gut-Skin Axis.” 

Daily tip: boost your intake of prebiotics by consuming foods or wholefood products like EverPure, garlic, leeks, onions, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, flaxseed, dandelion greens, yacon, asparagus, barley, oats, apples, seaweeds or algae.

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ve heard this tip time and time again, but that’s because it’s one of the oldest, easiest and most-essential tricks in the skincare bible. For healthy skin, you have to stay hydrated. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, so it makes complete sense that our organs can’t function optimally without it! Staying hydrated will keep your skin plump and reduce dryness. 

Daily tip: Drink more water! You might like to buy a beautiful reusable water bottle or keep a carafe on your desk as you work. If you don’t enjoy drinking water then try adding natural flavours to mix things up! Our favourites are a squeeze of lime, some sliced cucumber and mint, a glass of WonderWild or a homemade iced herbal tea.

WonderWilds Green Powder

4. Amp up your antioxidants

Have you heard all the buzz about antioxidants, but you’re still not sure what they are, or why you need them? Extensive research has shown that antioxidants are capable of contributing to the prevention of UV damage. They do this by neutralising the free-radical damage caused by sun exposure. Studies show that a diet rich in antioxidants such as carotenoids, Vitamins E and C and polyphenols can provide photoprotection against the harmful effects of solar UV radiation in humans.

Daily tip: Eat the rainbow, plus add plenty of herbs and spices! Herbs, spices and deep coloured fruits and vegetables tend to be incredible sources of antioxidants. Try to add as many to each meal as possible (while still ensuring it tastes delicious)!

5. Make the switch to natural

Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs what we put on it. A number of chemicals used in conventional skincare have been shown to interfere with the synthesis, secretion, transport, metabolism, receptor binding or elimination of hormones. We know that hormones play a massive role in our skin health so reducing or eliminating these compounds where you can is a massive win! 

Daily tip: Make the switch to natural skin and beauty products. My rule of thumb is to be able to recognise (and pronounce) the ingredients in the product. If you’re not sure, then the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an incredible database which lists the hazard ratings for nearly 70,000 products and 9,000 ingredients on the market! You can check this out here. 


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