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4 Reasons to Use a Coffee Scrub

4 Reasons to Use a Coffee Scrub

If you haven't already noticed coffee is a very hardworking bean! 

Not only does coffee give us the pick me up we need when we've had a poor nights sleep, but when it’s used as an exfoliating scrub it can work absolute wonders on our skin.

So why not turn your daily morning ritual into your bathroom routine because here are our 4 reasons why we love to scrub! 

1. It helps to reduce puffiness & inflammation by restricting blood vessels.

Coffee has very amazing anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce inflammation and soothe red, inflamed breakouts.

2. It's loaded with antioxidants which help to fight the signs of ageing. 

The antioxidants found in coffee are good for the skin so one scrub can instantly leave you with glowing, fresh and youthful skin.

3. It helps tighten skin, which can in turn reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Popping your scrub on your thighs, knees or stomach will help to get rid of the dead skin cells from your body so your skin will surely feel softer, look smoother smoother and feel more rejuvenated.

4. It improves blood circulation.

When you use a coffee scrub on your body, the caffeine acts as a stimulant which helps to improves the circulation of your blood flow, waking you up from head to toe!

So that settles it, coffee can do it all ;)

We have been loving using the Bean Body Coffee Scrub from our Spring Box.

It's become a staple in our showers becayse it leaves your skin feeling soothed, nourished and replenished. And this all natural exfoliant will leave you feeling better than any double shot latte ever will. 

To check out the entire Bean Body range, head to their website:


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