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The Biggest Skincare Faux Pas (we're guilty of many!!!) and How to Avoid Them! With Eve's Skin

The Biggest Skincare Faux Pas (we're guilty of many!!!) and How to Avoid Them! With Eve's Skin

We’re creatures of habit, we’ve built up routines we know and love and we stick to them day-by-day... especially when it comes to skincare! We want to look fresh and glowy, but unbeknownst to us some of our skincare habits aren’t doing our skin any favours, or at least they may not be as effective as we want them to be. 

So we asked our friends at Eve's Skin for their top skincare faux pas and how to avoid them!

#1 Going to bed with your makeup on

It’s so easy to do! Many of us are guilty of occasionally staying up late and falling into bed with a full face of makeup on. Not only do you wake up with half of it on your pillowcase, but your skin suffers. It’s important to use a gentle makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup and excess oils before laying down to sleep. This gives your skin the best chance of repairing overnight, gives you a bit more wear on your pillowcases, and if your cleanser is infused with relaxing essential oils (like our Botanical Cream Cleanser) you’ll have a better night’s rest, too!

And on that note…

#2 Wearing makeup every day

Layers of makeup, especially when worn 7 days a week, can wreak havoc on sensitive or oil-prone skin. In the same way that we embrace no-bra days and activewear, we should also be giving our faces a chance to breathe. If you’re used to wearing makeup every day, we know it can feel uncomfortable and scary at first! But taking a makeup-free day here and there will give your skin a chance to recalibrate and rejuvenate naturally.  

#3 Timing your evening skincare routine too close to bedtime

Again, it might be an afterthought on some nights to take that day’s mascara off, but do it too soon before climbing into bed and the products have no chance to soak into the skin before ending up in your hair or on your pillowcase - wasting precious product.

To gain the most out of your skincare ritual, time it to be at least an hour before bed, allowing the products enough time to do their work, and also helping you relax into your me-time.

Eve's Skin Serum

#4 Avoiding moisturising oily skin

Even if your skin is particularly oily it’s important to moisturise every day (and night). Daily moisture won’t increase oiliness, in fact, avoiding moisturising oily skin can lead to an inconsistent complexion and the chance of even more breakouts, according to dermatologists. Our gentle, lightweight moisturiser is great for all skin types and can be used day and night.

#5 Too many face wipes

If all you’re using to remove makeup and cleanse is face wipes, you might not be doing your skin any favours. Facial wipes are a convenient and quick solution, especially if you’re on the go, but they shouldn’t be part of your everyday routine. Not only do many of them contain harsh ingredients like alcohol which can irritate your skin, but their convenient, disposable nature also contributes to landfill.

Save the environment (and your skin!), with a gentle, all-natural cleanser and a soft face cloth that you can throw in the wash after use.

#6 Only moisturising at night

Yes, using moisturiser in your evening routine is essential to waking up with soft, supple skin. But after 8 hours of sleep, your body can get quite dehydrated. Just like it’s important to drink a glass or two of water upon waking up, it’s also important to replenish our skin with moisturiser before we start the day.

#7 Not knowing what’s in your skincare products

Just because that cleanser cost you a day’s wages and has a fancy label doesn’t mean everything in it is good for you! Many products (yes, even high-end ones) contain harsh chemicals that strip our skin’s natural oils and can cause inflammation and irritation. Choose products that clearly list their ingredients; in most cases, the fewer (and easier to pronounce) ingredients, the better. Go for products that use natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils, and avoid those with synthetic fragrances or other additives that may react badly with your skin.


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