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Healthy Snacks and Lunchbox Hacks

Healthy Snacks and Lunchbox Hacks

Endeavouring to achieve tasty lunch and snack success every day of the week can be time consuming, tiring and overwhelming. Then there is an added degree of difficulty trying to ensure the items you pack for yourself, your partner or for the kids are not full of nasties!

Having packed countless lunches over the years for herself and her 2 kids, Table of Plenty founder, Kate Weiss has picked up a few tips she believes everyone needs to know...

Kate Weiss Table of Plenty Founder and family

We eat with our eyes…
Packing a lunchbox full of fruit and veg is the perfect way to impart fun and exciting natural colour. Cutting up fruit and veggies like apple slices and carrot sticks make them easy to snack on while at your desk or on the go, and makes kids more likely to devour and enjoy. Try squeezing a little lemon over apple slices to keep them from browning. Another great idea is adding something to dip your veggie sticks or fruit into. Whether it be hummus, peanut butter, tahini or sweet chilli sauce. 

Keep the portion sizes smaller…
Keeping the portion sizes small and easy to grab is another key to success. This ensures you won’t over-eat or fill up with just one food group. We highly recommend purchasing sustainable lunchboxes with dividers. This way you are encouraged to pack different items in smaller portions, which also ensures everything stays fresh throughout the day.

Make sure there is variety…
Packing a lunchbox should be an exercise in balance including foods from all food groups. Having both sweet and savoury snacks will keep you satisfied and nourished. Kids in particular don’t have too much time when eating, recess is often only 20 minutes and at lunchtime kids just want to play. Having snacks like Table of Plenty Rice Cakes are the perfect treat that you, and your kids will love.

Be prepared …
Meal prep is not only great for the morning rush, it is also great for your wallet. Having ready-to-go meals means that you know you are getting the nutrients you need from food that you know you love. Another alternative is to make a little more of your evening meal which can then be taken to work or school the next day! Simple and no waste.


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