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How a Sheet Mask can Transform Your Skin in Just 20 Minutes with Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty Bloom of Youth Face Mask packet and mask out of packet

If you are on the hunt for a quick and easy, revitalising skin boost, look no further! Edible Beauty are here to tell us how and why a sheet mask can transform your skin in just 20 minutes. 

There are not a lot of things that you can do which will revive your skin and provide noticeable anti-aging results in the space of 20 minutes. When it comes to an almost instant beauty hit, sheet masks are a highly effective way to get salon results in minimal time! Edible Beauty's 
Bloom of Youth Infusion Masks fall into a class of their own when it comes to a quick revitalising skin's called "Express Beauty" for a reason!

Do I Need a Sheet Mask?

Adding a sheet mask to your beauty arsenal is a total game-changer when you need a quick boost to your complexion. If you are flying often, prone to waking up with skin that leaves a lot to be desired, lead an active social life, work long hours, eat foods or drink alcohol which may make your skin look inflamed or if you are living in the 21st Century, a sheet mask is for you.

We love using them before getting ready for a special event or anytime you feel your skin has become lacklustre or you are in need of a confidence boost. After your 20 minutes with the mask on, you will be amazed at your skin when you peel it off to reveal a hydrated, smooth and radiant complexion.

Edible Beauty Bloom of Youth Face Mask in packet


6 Reasons we love Edible Beauty Sheet Masks:

1. Deep Penetration = Therapeutic Efficacy
Sheet masks form an occlusive barrier on the skin which allows highly concentrated active ingredients (found in the mask serum) to penetrate the skin and work more effectively than they do if you were to just be using a serum or an oil with botanical actives. This is the main reason why a sheet mask works so quickly and efficiently to transform the skin and is one step above serums and oil in terms of their therapeutic efficacy.

2. Edible Ingredients
Given the ingredients of your sheet mask are going to penetrate more deeply into your skin, you want to be sure that they are safe, and preferable edible. The ingredients in your mask liquid have very small particles designed to get deeper into your skin cell layers which makes it even more imperative that your mask is pure as it can be. Look out for common ingredients such as PEGs, preservatives including parabens and phenoxyethanol and mask fibres such as plastic and hydrogels which may be also laden with chemicals. The Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask uses fermented radish root as a natural preservative.

3. Anti-Ageing & Brightening Actions
Sheet masks are a real treat when it comes to firming, plumping, reducing fine lines and brightening the skin. The Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask contains hyaluronic acid to plump and firm, aloe vera to hydrate and soothe, along with an incredible Ayurvedic botanical called swertia chirata. This proprietary extract has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines in seven days. It works by reducing the loss of keratinocytes. These are cells in the skin which are responsible for producing keratin which keeps the skin firm and strong. This extract works particularly well on fine lines across the mouth and around the eyes. The brightening fruits in our sheet mask include finger lime caviar, bilberry and pomegranate, ingredients which are rich in vitamin C and therefore work to reduce pigmentation, illuminate and enhance collagen production.

4. 100% Bamboo Sheet
Not only more sustainable, Bamboo is a brilliant material for sheet masks as it is naturally rich in silica which helps to firm and strengthen the skin. Look out for sheet masks made out of low-grade cotton, gel fibres or unnatural materials which may not be the ideal material to have on your skin.

5. Quick, Easy & Travel Friendly
If you are having trouble getting to a salon every week to have a treatment, sheet masks may be your skin saviour. They take just 20 minutes to use, can be thrown into your hand luggage and can be used whilst on an airplane (just keep your head down!), in front of your computer desk (you may need a few extras to share) or just before dozing off to sleep (pop an alarm clock on so you don't dose off). 

6. Made in Australia
Edible Beauty skincare, including their sheet masks, are made in Australia to strict hygiene standards with the highest manufacturing practices. You will not find any bacteria lurking in these masks, only the purest, active botanical ingredients! 


You can check out Edible Beauty's full range of beautiful skincare and wellness products on Edible Beauty and follow them on Instagram for more information about their products. They've also shared an exclusive discount code with the RY community: RYMYSTERY for 25% off until 31/03/21


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