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Why 'Bloom'?

Why 'Bloom'?

Since we announced the theme of our newest Retreat Box, some of you have asked - why 'Bloom'? 

So what inspired 'Bloom'? Well, life did. 

Too many of us live life scared to truly express ourselves, to truly come out of our shells, to stand tall in the confidence of knowing ourselves completely.

To bloom is to cast that doubt aside, to bloom is to let your soul shine outwardly, to be your best version, to be absolutely confident in who you are.

And so everything we've created both in the 'Bloom' retreat and around it recently has been done so to help you do just that, to become your best self. To bloom.

To bloom is to acknowledge all the work that has come before. It is a gentle knowing that as you unfurl each of your petals you already have everything you need, right here within you.

Blooming is to honour the seeds you planted, to be grateful for all the days that you feed yourself nutrients, and to dance in the puddles of raindrops that watered those seeds.

And as you blossom, you know that this garden of yours is one that can be resown and tended to for endless seasons to come.

That is what it means to bloom. 

And as for why we choose it. It's simple. We want to see you all in full bloom. 

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  • Sonia

    I think it’s a beautiful concept coming from a person who is battling depression and anxiety on a ongoing basis keep up your wonderful work

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