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Create a gratitude jar

Create a gratitude jar

Gratitude is the shortcut to a happy, healthy life. Counting your blessings makes you appreciate everyone and everything so much more… but, sometimes, feeling grateful is a challenge.

When we’re in our worst mood or busiest day, happy moments might not come to mind. If you feel weighed down by stress, sadness or frustration, it’s tricky to replace those feelings with mindful gratitude and love.

In these moments, your gratitude jar will do the hard work for you. When blessings feel blocked off and hard to reach, reach into the jar and grab one. Fill your mind with happy thoughts, little moments and cherished people — all the things that were easy to access when you were in a happy, grateful, loving space. Connect with that side of you by literally reaching into that mindset.

Use this ritual to create your own gratitude jar.


Feelings: Feel grateful, feel grounded.

Time required: 1 hour for reflection.

What you’ll need: A box or jar you can store away; paper and pen.

  1. Gather your jar or box, plus paper and pen. Make space for reflection and gratitude. Cut your paper into pieces, and write what comes to mind. What are you grateful for? Who do you appreciate, and why? What can’t you live without? Which little moments mean the most? Name it all, big and small. Write one thought on each piece, then place into the jar.
  1. When gratitude feels out of reach, pull a piece of paper out of your gratitude jar. Reflect on what it means to you, why you appreciate it, and how it makes you feel.

Need inspiration? 

  • “I’m grateful for that first sip of warm coffee every morning.”
  • “I love the feeling of getting lost in a good book.”
  • “I’m proud of my successes and what I’ve achieved.”


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